Pre-Call Preparation

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This article is all about how to prepare for an appointment before you even knock the door.   In this article, we will learn

.  Plan your day the day before

.  Always have 2

.  Turn up 30 minutes early

Plan Your Day the Day Before

Plan your day the day before is exactly what it is.  The last thing you want to do is to be running around in the morning.  Concentrate on getting the kids to school, not yourself to work.  You do not want to be getting to the appointment and you being bent over the back seat while the customer is waiting and looking at you. My advice is this.

.  Have written diary of where you are going

.  Know how much time it will take to get the appointment

.  Make sure you have all the correct samples and literature for the appointments

.  Make sure the samples a clean

.  Make sure you have the correct samples

.  Make sure all technology is charged fully (yes, I just started charging my technology)

.  Now what you're going to be showing or talking about


Always Have 2

If you can have 2 of any items have 2.  If you are using technology make sure you have a backup plan if it goes wrong.  The reason for this is simple.  The best plans are only good up until they hit contact.  My wife says that I got the UK out the recession by leaving tape measure in people houses.  What happens when some want to do a credit application and the website goes down.  What if your programme for pricing goes down.  What if the company website goes down.  Always Have a backup system. 


Turn up 30 Minutes Early

Here are my reasons for turning up 30 minutes early:

.  Have you ever been caught in traffic unexpectedly?  Turn up 30 minutes early to give you time.  Looking all flustered and 20 minutes late is not a good look.

.  Have you ever struggled to find your destination?  Sat navs some time only get you to the area not outside the door.  Sometimes the house or business is nowhere near.

.  If you get there early make some follow up calls.  You won’t make them in the house or the office there will be a lot of distraction.

.  Use the opportunity to generate some extra appointments

.  Visualize your success

.  Make sure you're prepared for the next call


When I first started in sales my manager picked me up to go in an appointment.  It became aparant that he did not have a sat nav.  I asked him if he knew the way.  He pulled out a map.  We were 20 minutes late to the appointment.  He was red-faced, sweating up a storm and clearly flustered.  Not only was he late he had made a negative impression with the customer.  The appointment did not go well.  He did not have a sat nav as he wanted to get to know the area better and thought that would not happen if he owned a sat nav.

The following day I put my sat nav in the car.  We turned up on time.  He was relaxed and not flustered and sweating.  We sold the deal.  The next day he owned a sat nav.

How do you prepare for your appointments?

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