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Finding an excuse 

I used to often find myself in a situation where putting a tast off would seem like the easier option at the time. If somthing that I challenged myself to do seemed difficult, there was always a distraction that, in the sort term, seemed more interesting.. especially in this day and age with social media. Partly because in todays world we are able to snack on updated bite size chuncks of news and gossip on social media.. its constantly at our fingertips! 

Why the block?

Ive been told I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Its quite a common cause of procrastination. It can work against you though. For example I would get to the point that I would fear posting content or being wrong, I wouldnt place any content at all, just to avoid the risk of failing. 

However Ive come to realise the significance of 'failing faward'. Thinking about it logically, it makes more sense to at least post some content, even if it isnt perfect and you get it wrong, instead of posting none at all. The reason being is that the worst case scenario, I make a mistake and learn what to change for next time. Even though most of the time the content wouldn't be half as bad as what I was telling myself it would be. 

The route 

In order to keep progressing at a steady pace it is important to have the right mindset. I used to prioritise watching movies and youtube videos because they provided that short term entertainment I could bury my head in.

The reason I felt it was easier to indulge in readily available mainstream entertainment rather than get on with working was due to the fact that I, and most likely many others, create an image that people will disapprove of my content. Mainly due to the fact that thoughts and optionions can be targeted so quickly to content nowadays. However only now that I have overcome that mindset and I now post content with the intent to provide value to others, am I comfortable posting. At the end of the day if you cant keep everyone happy, and if someone doesnt like your content they can leave! There is a larger percentage of people that will appove of what you are doing (incliding yourself) and it will help give you the momentum to keep moving forward. 

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