Rich People Think Differently Than Average People

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Why are average people spending more time on socializing, partying, drinking and smoking instead of working harder to create their own wealth like rich people do? What is my point of all this?

My point is that rich people think differently than the average people. Why? Well, the difference is all about mindset. The average individual tells others to be happy with what they have, but rich people on the other hand want more out of life. Here are 17 ways why:

1. Dreaming of the future is the key not the past.

Erase the nonsense phrases like “Oh, I regret the good old days….” and shape your future the way you dream of it. Envision, visualize, picture, imagine, foresee, dream of it and the way you would like it to be. “Live what you want, mentally, until it takes form around you physically” – Wallace D. Wattles

2. The root of all evil is poverty not money.

Rich people are afraid of poverty. Average people are afraid of money. An average individual thinks that making money from anything and everything is wrong. Freedom is made through money. The fear of money is what’s stopping you from having more. So grind more to get more, no excuses, leave the complaining to the average.

3. Action mentality is the path not lottery mentality.

Ever since I was a child, I never expect anything on a silver plate. When I want something, I do whatever it takes to get it. Everywhere I worked, I always heard the words ‘When or if I win the lottery…’ or ‘when I have my big break I will…’ Go ahead and play the lottery, and hope for the best. I will be out there hustling and getting what is fairly mine while you sit on front of the TV for the niumbers to come out.

4. Following your passion is the way not what you don’t love.

Average people do not realize this because their passion ends at a favorite sport, singer, actor, TV show or some other idiocrasy. Rich people follow their passion and dreams while the average individual makes money working in something they don’t love. Successful people follow this passion way beyond the limits of the impossible. To find success, you need to think about it each minute of every day, until it becomes an obsession.

5. Proper selfishness is a virtue not a vice.

There are two ways of being selfish in our world. The wrong way is to love yourself and have no respect whatsoever for others. The right way is to love yourself and respect others. It is taking care of yourself so that you may be able to take care of others. It’s wanting what is best for you and your loved ones. It is going for what you want without controlling or hurting someone.

6. Money needs to be seen logically not via emotions.

Average people constantly have money difficulties. For some reason or another, they seem to never have enough. In my life, I have lost money many times but I have never cried about it. Think about money like it’s a game of ‘Monopoly’ and reflect on your next moves. Do not live life waiting for your next paycheck. The answer in this case is to cut back and downsize, quit buying stupid stuff and work harder until you can live better.

7. The road to riches is self-education not formal education.

If you desire to be an entrepreneur, you should know that everything you learn in school is useless and impractical in the real world. Successful people believe in learning their own craft and specific knowledge. The only thing that stops you is you, so educate yourself.


8. Satisfaction is going for challenge not low expectations.

When someone tells you that you expect too much, that you can do it tomorrow or that it is no big deal, and you accept it, you agree to low expectations about yourself. Remember that without challenge, you don’t grow and you don’t fulfill your full potential.

9. Living below your means is the way not beyond it.

Average people have no money left at the end of the month. Rich people live smart, like kings and barely spend any money. It is called cleverness. Make money in dollars or in euros, spend in pesos or in baht and live for almost nothing. Very easy to do when you think about it.

10. Taking risks creates opportunity not playing it safe.

Choose to hang on to your money in the bank and you may get a very small interest rate, but you still be broke. No risks, no payoff. You will never, ever make it if you don’t take a risk.

11. Being something is getting rich not doing something.

The question of average people is “What should I do to get rich?” As they believe they should do something to get rich. My answer is “Start imitating rich people. Be a lion and go out there.” as rich people believe they have to be something to get rich.

12. Surround yourself with like-minded people not mediocre individuals.

Average people are often envious and jealous. Why even bother to hang out with losers who are jealous of you when you succeed? You are free and have money, but they think you are snob because they made the wrong decision to waste their life on a 9 to 5 job. After educating yourself, making your own fortune, taking a chance, doing all the work, these people still look at you like you got lucky and are envious.

13. Teach your children to get rich not how to survive.

My mother and my grandparents were average so they taught me how to be average. Well, they had an excuse as we were living under the rule of the Soviet Union at the time, but today’s children are being taught to have a full time job and save for retirement. Wake up and start teaching your children to grind instead of kissing ass.

14. Money and wealth is peace of mind not stress.

Money gets you freedom. When you have money you are your own boss. You can have the pleasure of saying yes or no. Rich people don’t ask permission to do what they want.


15. Educate oneself not entertain oneself.

Successful people would rather educate themselves than be entertained. Average individuals, on the other hand, would rather have fun than being educated. The mark of average is wasting so much time on front of this big screen called Television. Slow down on things you can’t learn or earn from.

16. Focus on earning not on saving.

Choose instead to live like a king right now, don’t wait. People are so full of it when they say that by saving for retirement you will finally be able to live like a king when the time comes. To live a better lifestyle you have to quit your 9 to 5 and focus on earning, not on saving.

17. You can have it all not only choose.

Perhaps you are thinking that you need to choose between a great family and being rich while rich people know you can have it all. Never heard of the phrase “I chose my family instead of going into business, better safe than sorry”? Why not let the importance of your family motivate you to give them a better life. Why choose mediocrity? Rich people want more and they go for it. That’s how their quality of life goes up. Go for more and you will get more.

So think in terms of “I have to make money because I don’t have any money”. Not only does money give rich people peace of mind, but it also buys the best in almost everything.


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