Round Peg into Square Hole Equals Entrepreneur!

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Do you ever think you are the “round peg trying to fit or conform to the Square Hole?”

YES!   You are not alone and it’s more than ok.

You Are Unique 

You are born unique and with a personality that is totally and utterly you – there are no two personalities the same – even in identical twins! Think about this ... what happens is - we all go through this “conditioning”- to be a good child, study hard, get a good job, contribute to society, be good role models, be good partners, and be good parents. The list is exhausting and exhaustive! I am not denying these are the foundations for life and please – I am not saying this is right or wrong, more of a real life case study called trial and error.

I Should ... You Should

We are (generally) all taught to be responsible people and there are so many “shoulds” that are channelled and instilled in us. Does this sound familiar... “You should do your homework because the teacher says so, it will help with your education”, “I should...”, “You should...” stop for a moment and consider how many times each day you hear “I should...”,  “You should...”

Rest assured I am not about to say don’t encourage your child to do their homework. What I am illustrating is that for many many years we are all brainwashed to do stuff ... just because we SHOULD! Another word I use to describe this “should” is conditioning.


Conditioning ... By Definition

There are two meanings to the word conditioning...

  1. to have a significant influence on or determine the manner or outcome of something
  2. to bring something to the desired state of use...

Can you see my point? Conditioning is great but needs to be tempered in measured doses, as we as individuals learn, develop and grow.

What About You?

Where do you sit with the whole conditioning scenario? Are you still thinking with conditioning that was hard wired into you as a child or have you amended this conditioning to bring YOURSELF to a desired state of use.

If you are ready to learn, develop and grow then perhaps it’s time to take a step in a new direction and give yourself the opportunity to live the life you want without the barriers of conditioning. 

Use this opportunity to be creative. It is challenging - as we have been conditioned to see creativity as fluff, possibly time wasting, counterproductive. Well... Perish the thought!”

Sally McGrath

The Mindset of an Entrepeneur

The mindset of an entrepreneur is pretty unique, one that has challenged being conditioned at some point. There are traits that you will notice in an entrepreneur that makes them who they are, there are hundreds of these however, see if you resonate with these five:

Action People; Take action, action is progress and failure is a learning curve and if you don’t try you will not learn.

Fear is a Friend; Fear is used to embrace an opportunity, to drive it with determination, take on the fear as motivation.

Be Resourceful; Use what you have; perfection is not required as an entrepreneur!

Watch the Cashflow; Keep an eye on the cashflow – the lifeblood of any business. Say no more!

Thrive on Challenge; Challenges are inevitable, use them, learn from them most of all embrace the challenge, the best lessons can be learned from challenges.


Remember ... an entrepreneur recognises an opportunity...


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