Saving an offline business

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I'm sure you all have a vision, in your imagination, of an extremely successful retail business.  Do you know the type that every time you walk past the shop, you see people grabbing items off the shelves? And in case that's not enough proof that the business is budding then as you walk down the lane all you see people walking around with is THEIR bags!

Well.... this week, I had an owner of this type of "successful" retail shop knock at my door.
She said to me "I hear you do online marketing, can you help me with my business."

I don't know what possessed me the audacity to ask  - what I perceived as - this "huge" business woman "Isn't your shop the most successful retail store in town, why are you asking me for my help?"

"Yes, it is! the people in town, but....." she said..... hear this.....

A) I physically work so so hard!

I unpack container loads of boxes when new stock arrives, I change railings and shelvings to keep the shop looking new, I stand in the shop from morning to night! Yes, I have workers but if I want it to run the way I like it then I have to be there at all times!

B) I make a nice amount of profit from my shop but I am not rich from the business!

These two points left me with my mouth hanging open! This is the woman that I had envision had EVERYTHING!!!

So why did she turn to me, you may ask.... After reading her challenges in her business can't you see what it is she needs from me? She wants to be able to move on, within her existing business, so that; a) she has more time to spend with her family b) adding to her existing income by effectively marketing her business online.

You couldn't find a better place to learn just that than the SFM! I proudly introduced her to the marketing education which, with the support from the experts on the team, she jumped into like a fish in water! She now thanks me every single time I meet her! She tells me that her life is so much more stress-free, she has more time for her family and effectively her general health is in much better shape  

I would love to hear from you if you can resonate with this business owner, or if you think you too can benefit from changing your job to become a successful affiliate online marketer. 

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Until then, make it a great one
X Mirelle

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