Setting the Agenda

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Setting the Agenda is a vital part of any sales appointment.  There is nothing worse than going into an appointment and not knowing what is going to happen.  Setting the agenda allows you to lower the customer anxiety and allows you to deal with objections that can come up later in the appointment.  What we going to cover is this.

.  Hurdling Brick Walls

.  Setting the agenda

.  Dealing with time


Hurdling Brick Walls

Brick walls are the list of objections a customer gives you when you first walk in the door.  These objections sound like this.

.  I only want a quote

.  I will not be buying today

.  I never buy on the day

.  I have not got time

.  I don’t want to see the product

The reason the customer is giving you these objections is that their anxiety is very high.  Setting the agenda will lower customer anxiety and allow you to start community customer on a more one to one basis.  The way to deal with these objections is not to deal with them.  Just hurdle them and go straight to the agenda.


Setting the Agenda

Whenever the customer finishes giving you the list of their objections I find the best way to deal with it is Stick your hands up in the air and say "However you go making your decision is entirely up to you"  

“this is what I want to do for you today”

Then list your objective for the appointment.  For me, it was as follows[G9] 

.  I want to design and measure for you

.  I want to tell you about our back up and service

.  I am going to show you the product because you would not buy something without buying it would you

.  I going to run through your payment options

.  Then will sort out your price

.  All of this will take about an hour, I am not stopping you from going anywhere, am i.


Dealing with Time

Dealing with time is very important.   First, if the appointment is going to take longer than 1 hour then don't worry about it.  If you build good repour the customer will not notice the time.  But say more than 1 hour in the beginning and the customer will not be comfortable.

If the customer must go out in 15 minutes a good way of dealing with this is to try and reappoint.  The best way I was shown in doing this is to say the following “good news I have been double booked anyway, when can I come back and see you?”

You may also choose to ignore it and just move on through the appointment.   You will notice by the customer body language when you get closer to time if they where being honest or it was anxiety.   I will state I have lost track of the number of people say they have to go out and the appointment has gone on for 2 hours +.


How do you set the agenda?

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