Speed Is The New Big

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If I was ever taught that speed is the new big, years ago, I would probably be in a much better position than I am, today. One of the biggest mistakes I made in life was not acting fast enough when pursuing my goals, made some bad decisions, found myself hitting the wall too many times, for no reason and sometimes not realizing what was the motivation behind my decisions.

It`s true that for every action, there`s a reaction, every decision you make, as small as it might be, could possibly impact your life in the future. Let`s take the example of someone who decides to put a cigar in their mouth, the act itself doesn`t seem to be overly dangerous, but if the person becomes addicted to smoking, that could transform his life forever, for the worst, of course.

Ever since I began my entrepreneurial journey, things started to become clear, as far as speed of implementation goes, it`s not how many goals you have, but how fast can you make decisions that lead you to those goals in a shorter period of time. If you could do the same task in 2 hours rather than doing it in 6, that would save you 4 extra hours to work on other projects... if you had a goal of generating a certain income in your sales job, wouldn`t be better to sell 5 products in 2 hours, rather than selling them in 6, couldn`t that shorten the distance between you and your income goal?

"If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough." – Mario Andretti

Taking too long to make a decision, is only gonna hurt your outcome, the time between thought and action creates fear and when you`re scared, typically, you don`t make a move. The faster you can make a decision, the better, even if it`s the wrong decision, at least you gonna find out sooner than everybody else, which brings me to another point... it may sound ridiculous, but you want to strive to be the first person hitting the wall, the first person to make the mistake and if possible learn from the mistakes of others before doing anything. It`s also better to hit the wall at full speed rather than going slow and scared, at least you went 100% and by doing that long enough maybe you can be the first person collecting the success that wides behind the hard wall.

The faster you go on the highway of life, the fewer distractions you`ll encounter, the sooner you reach your goals. The people that tell you to slow down, take it easy, chill out, have already given up on their dreams, you want to be in a rush, with no time to waste, with your focus on the next target. You only have so much time on this planet, so you better be at full throttle and hit something in the way than just touch the accelerator and never reach the destination!

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