Start Before You Are Ready

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When it comes to starting a business venture, statistics show that most of the successful entrepreneurs started before they were ready; from Bill Gates, Oprah, Steve Jobs to Elon Musk.
They all started before they had it all figured out, they did not have all the knowledge, all the answers. They took the leap and learnt to fail fast along the way.

This does not mean to say that you will just jump into any venture without any due diligence or any amount of knowledge at all.
Great entrepreneurs throughout history all questioned their own self-belief, fought against feelings of standing out, being the square pegs in a round hole, the misfits.

But the difference is that these great minds found their greatness not in being perfect but in realizing that perfection doesn’t and will never exist.

Entrepreneurship brings a lot of uncertainties around money, timelines, success, failure etc.

There will never a good time to start a business. The stars will never align. You will never have enough money, time, experience or information to start a business.

Taking the leap and learning to fail fast is key, leaping allows you to learn more quickly about what works and what doesn’t.

You get to confront practical obstacles sooner so you can address or change them accordingly before you have invested a great deal of time or money.

Leaping allows us to face our fears; fear of failure, fear of change, rejection etc.

It allows us to take quick action to get a taste of the new journey we want to take on.

We usually avoid leaping because it makes us vulnerable and forces us to face the uncomfortable realities of the vision of the new venture we want to embark.

Starting before we are ready allows us to live in the now, it changes our concept of one day I will start my own business to I have now started my own business.

Are you ready to take the leap?

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