Starting A Lifestyle Business: Find Your Passion (In Life & Business)

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Finding Your Passion In Life & Business

There's nothing more aggravating than being told to build a profitable lifestyle business around your passions - when you don't know what your passions are to begin with.

The situation becomes more frustrating when you know that you're an unstoppable force of nature once you know what you're doing. Yet, finding something as simple as your passion still remains elusive.

Do you ever sense that if you could identify your passion then all the pieces of your life and business would fall into place?

The following post dives into some really great ways to hone in on what drives you (even if you don't know what that is yet), so you can identify your passions and turn them into an online business (if you choose).

undefinedWhat Is Passion?

For some people, their passion is as clear as a sunny day. They know what they like and what drives them. They indulge in their passions for no other reason than the enjoyment (or peace) it provides them with. There's no desire to make money or start a business – they're in the game merely for the sake of a hobby or activity that brings them satisfaction in their down time.

For the passionate person who is clear on what drives them and entrepreneurial in their aspirations, they see a clear path to servicing the people in their niche through their knowledge and expertise, and boom! – they have a profitable lifestyle business without thinking twice about it.

If you're not clear on what your passion is, what you need to understand is that passion isn't something you can grasp or own - passion is the result of an experience. It bubbles up in response to a deep connection, curiosity, comprehension or mastery of an activity; and manifests as enjoyment, focus and a deep sense of alignment with what you're doing when doing it.

Over time, passion is created when you become absorbed with the inner workings and details of your craft, activity, profession or industry. If you're entrepreneurial, you'll take your passion for your subject, skill or activity and create ways to monetize it.

“Life is about not knowing the outcome and doing something anyway”

- Mark Manson

Sorry To Disappoint You – But You Already Know What You're Passionate About

The truth is, you already know what your passion is. If you're like most people who feel lost and disconnected from your passion (and purpose), it's probably because you're ignoring it, whether you're conscious of this or not.

Think about it - you're awake approximately 16 hours a day - what do you do with your time? Whether you're aware of it or not, you're doing something. You're talking about something. You're listening to something. You're reading something. And for some people - you're avoiding something by doing something else.

In other words, there is some topic, activity or idea that dominates a significant amount of your free time, seeping its way into your conversations, web browsing and quiet time without you consciously pursuing it or looking for it.

The problem with finding your passion isn't a lack of passion for something. The problem is productivity, perception and acceptance of something that's already in your possession. You already enjoy doing something – in fact, you enjoy many things.

Instead of rendering your skills and likes as insignificant and unworthy, explore them. See if there's a way to make money from them, and if not, do it anyway because it brings you closer to who you really are.

"To find your passion, you must become curious about yourself again"

- Premma Marchan

Passion Is A Process of Discovery

Discovering what you really want to do with your life is a process that requires you to take action in order to reveal its truth. This is because the only way to get closer to where you want to be is through trial and error. The more open you're willing to be about the discovery process, the more you'll encounter the very thing you're looking for.

Get Out of Your Own Way

The next few exercises will challenge you to take inventory of the activities and thoughts that dominate your life, so you can hone in on the things that motivate you, while finding creative ways to consciously incorporate them into your life and business.

Identify Your Top 5 Passions

The first part of this exercise is to write down all of the activities, hobbies, interests, and subjects that you enjoy; would like to explore; or the things that you're really good at doing.

Next, go through your list and ask yourself: If I had to choose between the first activity and the second activity – which one is more appealing to me?

After you've made your selection, move down your list (top to bottom) comparing the winning activity to the remaining items on your list until you have one winner. Write your winning activity on a separate page and remove it from your main list.

Repeat this process four more times (always starting from the top of your list) until you have identified your top five passions.

When you have identified your top five passions, you'll need to think, research and explore different ways to pursue your passion.

If your goal is to convert your passions into an online business, investigate other online entrepreneurs' websites to see how they're monetizing similar passions in that niche – taking stock of what you like and dislike; and what you would do differently or better. Join their email lists to study what they're writing about and how they're using online tools to connect with their audience.

It's worth mentioning here that upon deeper exploration of your passion, you may find that it wasn't what you thought it would be, or maybe there isn't a profitable market around it – that's fine. Return to your list of passions and mine it for gold. As you encounter or come across new and inspiring ideas and activities, add them to your list of passions and see if anything reveals itself as you continue to dig.

Other Exploration Exercises & Passion Ignitors:

Revisit Your Childhood

Another way to explore your passions is to revisit some of the positive activities, foods and events of childhood and see if there are any hidden gems that got buried on the way to adulthood. What did you really want to do or be as a child?

Make A Creativity Board

Take a large poster board and put the words "My Passion Board" in the centre. Create a collage of images, quotes, articles, and any other inspirational pieces that you come across. This activity will surround you with images of your intention - who you want to become or what you want to create – allowing your awareness and passion to grow. As your passion board evolves and becomes more focused, you'll begin to build the bridge between your passions, how to pursue them and how to monetize them.

Make A List of the People Who Are Where You Want To Be

Study the people who have been successful in the area you want to pursue or have the qualities that you want to embody. Figure out how your mentors became succesful and how they maintain their success so you can set up structures that emulate them. If the person you admire is within your reach, connect with them.

Finding and pursuing your passion is an ongoing activity, and through it you discover other hidden pathways that ignite your creativity and connect the dots as you move through life. Continue to build, explore and expand your horizons and you'll never be without passion in your life.

You're Ready – Make It Happen

There's no magic bullet when it comes to finding your passion. Finding your passion is really a matter of remaining open to different experiences, and in doing so, listening to the inner voice that says “yes, no, or maybe.”

Be curious, be open, be conscious; and your passion for living life and creating a lifestyle business will reveal itself through a purpose and mission that is uniquely yours.

How did you discover your passion? Please share your wisdom and insights...
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