Starting an online business? Things to think about

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I have worked for a good part of my life and experienced both career and self-employment. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I think at the end of the day it depends on what you want to walk away with at the end of the day.

Mine was the ability to impact lives. I love people and helping them get to their full potential and I won't lie I also like to be able to access the best things in this life. Maybe you are different but my reasoning is like this? 

If we are all heading towards the grave one day, we may as well do the things that are most important to us such that we will live a fulfilled life. The day will come when my life will be flashing before my eyes, I want to go down with a smile knowing I have impacted a lot of lives and built a legacy for my children.

I do not think this will happen while I am seated here in the office the most productive hours of my day. I can keep sitting here 8-10 hours a day and expect to go out there at the same time. So for me, I think a model of work that is less taxing and more fulfilling would be ideal, hence the online business model.

There are many advantages to taking up this business model and as well disadvantages I needed to ask myself some serious questions before I decided to jump into this. These included:

  1. My "WHY": why did I want to do this? Was it to make residual income or to give me a freedom I have always wanted? For me, I want to leave the career ladder and still be able to live in a way I enjoy and with less stress. This makes a lot of sense for me. I also needed to answer this question because it was going to determine the amount of time I was going to put into this.
  2. Does the business support the lifestyle I want?: when I was applying for jobs, I really never asked myself such questions. Does this job support the kind of lifestyle I want to live? Never! That would have been sacrilege. I would never think of such a thing. All I wanted was the money, at least so I thought. Now I want more.
  3. Who would I start the business with?:  this question was quite obvious for me because the business is supposed to support my family so my wife was the option. However different people have different options. Who would you start a business with? Do you people share the same vision, to your stand for the same things are your beliefs similar. The last thing you want is to start a business and then you get disappointed.
  4. Who is my customer?: before you make a product or promote one is very essential to know to whom you will be marketing. Marketing to everyone is marketing to nobody. Your avatar must be clear. This will assist your decision-making capabilities in the near future.
  5. How will I market your product?: I had to set up my mind and be ready to invest in marketing the product that I have. I had to make a choice between using free means of pushing my content online to paid methods. Free methods work but they take longer than paid methods. I can testify to this. So plan ahead.
  6. What resources I you need?: in order to set up an online business, I needed to be able to get a marketing platform, a content organizing platform, money and other things. Do you know the kind of resources that you will need in order to make your dream come true? Are they free or you have to pay for them? It is important to know this before you engage in any type of business. I learnt of a platform called SFM. They have a community of people who are willing to assist you in jump starting your online business. You can also click the banner below to get started with them.

There are many other factors to consider but for today I want to leave it at that. I will add more as time goes on. 

The landscape of business, education and the economic structure is changing as a result of online business strategy. How are you preparing yourself for this turn of events?

Think about it, you can take a preparation course below to introduce you and get you familiar with online concepts so you can see how to get started. Click the banner below or the link above to get started on your journey.

Cheers, till later.

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