Success lessons your dad didn't tell you that you need to hear!

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It is undeniable that our parents have the influence on what is our ability to succeed during life. There are no strict rules of how to educate a child, each parent has its ideals and its methodologies.
There are myths that society perpetuates, for example, that we should only live to satisfy basic needs such as a car, a home, food or that a degree and a good job is the basis of happiness. This is why most individuals will live a life just getting by.

If you have this kind of mindset, I advise you not to read the rest of the article, because maybe this message is not for you, if you are satisfied on just getting by, good for you. For me, that is not the definition of success.

"No one’s ever stumbled onto success by accident."
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Now, if you are my kind of guy, stay tuned as I show you some of the success lessons your dad should`ve told you.

#1 Success requires hard work
As ever been told to you that the way to go is to get an education, get a job, stay positive and you will succeed? Well, folks, this is a lie... the truth is that life can be brutal, it can turn you upside down in a hurry, so don`t expect that the things you dream of will come to you by circumstance, there is no replacement for a tremendous amount of work and commitment.


#2 Life ain`t fair, dude
You have probably already discovered this, but the harsh truth is that sometimes when you think you have the best deal in town, somebody sneaks behind you and steals your clients. Business isn`t fair either, when you think you have everything figured out, bad stuff happens, to the good people.

#3 People don`t care about you
This reminds me of individuals who are constantly worried about what other people are gonna think of them, and it is very similar because nobody cares if you succeed or not, it is up to you to work for you own success and freedom. There is no god that can save you on this one.

“There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.”
J.K. Rowling


#4 You are your own enemy
It makes sense that what you put in you get out, and if you constantly tell yourself that you are no good, there is no way that you gonna succeed. You don`t succeed not because of the economy, the conspiracy, but because of you. There must be a belief in yourself, first, because it doesn`t matter people believing in you if you don`t believe in yourself. You are your own obstacle.

#5 Success is not owed
Just because you show up every day for work, you do what is right for your business, or you have the best product in the market, does not mean that you are gonna be successful.

These are some of the success lessons your dad didn't tell you. Make sure to follow me on social media and if you have anything you want to discuss, feel free to message me at any time or click on the image below to know more about my mentors.

My name is Pedro Campos and has been a pleasure having you as a reader.

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