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In today's world, there is a growing trend of people lifting each other up. Through strife, we reach towards the greater good. Positive brings Growth in every aspect of life. By surrounding yourself with positive people you too will grow and prosper. It is a matter of lifting each other up now and not tearing each other down. I don't think everyone has received this message ^_^. We can only do our individual part in creating this positive change. One thing that has changed in this shift is people are moving towards becoming their own Boss and leaving the Ridgid rules and micromanaged 9-5 jobs.  These environments are becoming so tightened that fulfillment is going to be a thing of the past. Breakaway and grow into freedom and independence with the driver being you of your livelihood. 

You can begin today! Be the good within your space as you see it now. Moving yourself to a better mindset will create the environment you deserve. Watch and let me know how you do shifting your thoughts to positive.

I have an exercise you can do to help:

1)As you are going through your day, have some fun and reach out to anyone and lift them up (smile, say something positive about them, or just say good morning). Soon you will see the rippling effect of kindness growing.

2)Randomly reach out during the day and lift someone else up by actually stopping for a minute when you say how are you? To be a mindful listener, it only takes a concentrated effort for just a minute. You never know the impact you could have on their life. If ever you are feeling down yourself, this is a great solution. 

Try it I dare you! Positivity is contagious, spread some today! Kindness and understanding will powerfully touch someone's life while returning it to you! 

Sometimes we need that understanding and care for ourselves as well. Stop and really think about life, and how fulfilled you are in this present moment. Really, your present moment is all you have. The past is gone, the future will come soon enough, but what really matters is how you are right now.

A perfect example of what used to be my now was feeling down and depleted working so hard and feeling as though I was getting nowhere, with no hope in sight. Do you ever feel as though life is so busy and you are on a merry-go-round? You don't have to be down and out and reaching for solutions anymore. With the digital world opening up to so many possibilities people are now working from anywhere online. You can be a part of this too! At one time I felt trapped in the 9-5 job that I was in. I was looking for positivity and inspiration on Youtube videos on my way into work every morning just to help me tolerate the day. Then one day I clicked on this ad, "How to live a better life by starting your own online business." My life has changed. Hands down this could possibly be the best thing I have ever done in my life! I started a path to build my own online business and discovered so much more! I am now transitioning from a negative work environment to the freedom of being around positivity. This has opened the door to so many possibilities! I am so excited about finding this golden nugget that I want to share it with everyone. Surround yourself and learn how to become a Successful Business Owner/Your own Boss. By surrounding yourself with likeminded positive people that will help you, it is entirely possible to break the chains of the traditional path. Life is so short! Learn how you too can do this!

Do you enjoy being surrounded by others who are entirely genuine and real? I know some pretty amazing people who would love to build you up including me!

Success and Happiness I am learning comes from within.  As Tony Robbins would say "Where your thoughts go is where the Energy will Flow." Feeling trapped in an adverse environment will direct your thoughts/energy in a downward flow. Becoming a part of and surrounding yourself with a Positive support system will allow for the power to flow with ease in the right direction. Positive Thoughts in life are ultimately what brings Fulfillment, Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity. Do you feel abundant?

Another value with the community I have discovered is that I feel safe during the learning process.  When you have a positive support system, being vulnerable (without judgment) allows you to be all that you can be. There are stopping points when starting a new and different path (breaking the robotic pattern/limiting beliefs) and this is where the support comes in to help you push through those barriers.

Be free! It's your life, live it to the fullness of everything you desire. 

I challenge you to look at what is holding you back from realizing your dreams. Then look at who you are surrounding yourself with and the influence they are having on your decisions. 

Take a mental check of your support system. Are you allowing yourself to be held captive by the negative opinions of others OR are you gravitating towards becoming built up by others? Stand up and be the real leader of your destiny. 

There is a community of Leaders that have taught me how to be completely comfortable in my own skin, to know I have value to give to others and to surround myself with positivity. To just be me and see that I have support in helping people through my business is life changing! You can have this opportunity too. To learn more about this journey I am on, please click here or on the side of the page.

I am always dedicated to your success,






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