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A high IQ is no longer regarded as the Holy Grail when changing career.

IQ is one’s ability to learn and is generally the same at age 15 – 50. So what happens when IQ and Ego meet?

Picture the scene…..It’s 6pm and you having a couple of drinks after work with some work colleagues, and there is always one guy who just has to be heard……call him John.

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Now John seems to constantly worm his way into every discussion, making “faux pas after faux pas” and professes to be a master on every subject……..Ring a bell?…….. Meanwhile……….. Within the space of a millisecond, your mind has summed him up………..more likely a Jack of all………. J@CK@SS!!!

So why is it, our minds instantaneously resort to such judgement? 

Well firstly, if we possess some of this “SECRET SAUCE” ourselves, the FEELING we have just experienced is a sensory signal transmitted from the spine and anterior of the brain, where the emotive centre lies.

This is generally followed by a need to REACT, just as soon as the signal reaches the frontal lobe of the brain; our rational centre.

Depending on our level of SELF-AWARENESS at the time, the resulting ACTION/REACTION or the lack thereof, is the measure of EQ we are utilising at that given moment.

Very simply put, “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” is the foundation for CRITICAL SKILLS, pertaining to being in a state of SELF-AWARENESS, ACCURATELY IDENTIFYING with our EMOTIONS, and MANAGING our BEHAVIOUR, TENDENCIES and RELATIONSHIPS accordingly.

Further studies in the US, report, subjects with HIGH EQ’s, earn $29 000 MORE per year, across ALL INDUSTRIES, at ALL LEVELS, in EVERY REGION of the WORLD.

Subjects with LOW EQ are more likely to experience ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and SUBSTANCE ABUSE, given their lack of ability to identify with their emotions, resulting in IRRATIONAL OUTBURSTS and the inability to apply SOCIAL COMPETENCE.

So CHANGE your FOCUS. Become tuned-in to your emotions. Take note of the way you feel and the reactions stimulated within you.

Apply COMMON SENSE and decide whether the response is befitting or not.

Not only will your health benefit, it seems, so will your bank balance.



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