The advantages of starting an online business

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''The beginning is the most important part of the work''

If you have ever dreamed of having your own online business but just never knew where to start or how to go about figuring out these business models, there is some great news. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the Internet revolution, any person with a little drive and determination can start to enjoy the advantages of a fulfilling online business today. No experience is necessary to get started. In this article, we will look at the many benefits of creating such an online business as well as three practical and popular business models to give some ideas to help get you started.

Advantages to Creating An Online Business Today

1. Freedom of time and location


The most obvious advantages to having computer-based business models today start with a flexible working schedule. This does not mean that you will not work, but rather that you can work the hours which you desire. There are at least five great reasons to be passionate about getting involved with such business models now:

They allow you to work anywhere on earth - all that you really need is reliable Internet access and a good laptop computer to run such an online business. Gone are the days where you have to stress about your travel plans. Whether you will be arriving in the office on Monday because flights may be delayed due to factors you cannot control, but will be blamed for when you get back in the office.


It is possible to automate many online businesses - automation is a key freeing feature of many online business models today. Through automation, you gain the advantages of reducing the numbers of hours you have to invest in your computer-based online business models. Initially,


Automation you will need to be fully hands on while you get the endeavor up and running. Later you can simply outsource the parts of the business that you do not enjoy handling. If you hate creating traffic for your website, you can easily outsource this through virtual assistants to handle social media accounts or hired writers to produce quality SEO content for the web using ezine articles as an example. These are great advantages.



These online business models require little upfront cost to get a computer-based enterprise going - this comes as a surprise to many people, but you really can avoid the significant capital costs associated with most traditional businesses by going the online business model route. With affiliate marketing as an example, you can start today and do not need to invest heavily in it to begin. In theory you could even set up a free blog, select an affiliate link, and begin promoting this offer without coming out of pocket a single penny. There are advantages to some investment that obviously will produce better initial results though. For a few dollars you can register your own domain and make it look far more professional and trustworthy. 


You have unlimited income potential possible with online business - particularly with affiliate marketing companies, the basis of these computer-based operations is building on systems. Through some time, trial, and error you will learn to adjust the system optimally so that you can earn more money as your business grows and expands. The advantages of a steady and dependable income are very possible.



Imaging waking up on a Monday morning so eager and full of energy to face the day! This is what happens when what you do stimulates you. Online business provides the advantage of being mentally stimulating and very satisfying - many of us who work in online businesses enjoy them immensely. Simply being your own boss is its own reward. Facing the challenges of building and improving the endeavor is highly mentally stimulating and great for creativity as well. This kind of inherent satisfaction is a keystone for a high quality of life.

Three Successful Business Models for A Computer-Based Enterprise

There are three successful business models with these online endeavors. Each of them differs from the other in significant ways and provides its own advantages, such as whether they are system based, sales based, or services based. The thre proven business models for this are:


Affiliate Marketing

Selling Physical Products on Amazon

Selling Services Online

We will consider each of these models separately in the next section of the article.

1. Affiliate Marketing


For those who have only heard the phrase "affiliate marketing" but are not familiar with it, this represents a $6.8 billion dollar sector of the economy. Whether you are aware of it or not, the affiliate marketing model has a major impact on the nation each day. Many thousands of people rely on the advantages of it for daily sustenance. Some have built up million dollar plus home-based businesses. Others have taken the concept further to develop multi-million dollar sized companies and corporations that employ hundreds and more.

Affiliate marketing is easiest to visualize by thinking of a department store employee who works for an hourly wage but also receives commissions for sales. Such a commission proves to be the central idea in affiliate marketing. Instead of a sales person on the department store floor, you become the enterprise referring customers to firms. They give you a "commission" in exchange for sending them business that converts to sales.

 A great example

Amazon is the largest and best example of this type of successful model of affiliate marketing. They call this their Amazon Associates program. You join for free and with only several minutes of time. They will happily allow you to go through all of their products and receive a personal referral link to any in which you are interested. If your colleague at work wants a new laptop computer, you can pick out a good one and send over a referral link on the product to them. When your friend purchases this $800 notebook computer, Amazon will share six percent of the sale with you. Thanks to the advantages of this, you just made $48 as an affiliate marketer, and it cost you nothing to earn.

What makes this business scalable and practical is the automation of it. Thanks to automation, the business can generate a wide-ranging income of from several hundred dollar each month to a hefty half a million dollars every month. Because it is a form of passive income, it is true that affiliate marketing makes millionaires all the time out of people who spend a matter of hours a week in managing their system.


You might love televisions. In this case, you then promote your affiliate marketing business by reviewing Amazon TVs, which you have affiliate links to sell. In your TV review blog, you create articles about your top recommended TV's and provide links for where they can purchase these from Amazon. Your referral links in the articles will earn Amazon sales and gain you the six percent commission for selling them in your affiliate marketing business. If you are unclear on how precisely to go about this, the great thing is that you can spy out what successful affiliate marketers are doing by looking at the most profitable affiliate marketing deals offered.


2. Selling Physical Products on Amazon

A second model is actually selling products physically on Amazon. This involves a more significant commitment than mere affiliate marketing for commissions. What makes it practical and scalable is that Amazon does not require you to warehouse anything, get a courier, or even touch one of your physical products. Instead, they make it practical thanks to FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon.

Amazon in its FBA offers to handle all of the physical work. They will deliver all products you sell, handle all customer service issues, and take care of all refund processing. You could maintain an inventory and send in the products to Amazon, but there is a much easier way. The manufacturer of the items in China will ship directly to Amazon, or you could engage a prep and shipper outfit that will receive, inspect, label, and then dispatch them to Amazon as a quality control middle man stage in your operation.

Where to begin?


To start, you need to find the right opportunities on Amazon, select the products you will sell, and then arrange with a Chinese supplier to produce the product or one that will substitute easily for it and brand it under your company's name. This will require some investment in samples and potentially inventory to send to Amazon before money comes in to the business. It means that coming up with a thousand dollars to start such a venture is a recommended idea. You might do this with less money invested, but scaling the product will take longer as a result.

3. Selling Services Online

A final model covers selling professional services in an online business. If you have some background, experience, or training as a copywriter, computer repair professional, or executive coach, then you can sell such services over the Internet to expand the size of your existing business or to start up a new one. It is an interesting point that consumers generally turn to the Internet now (instead of traditional advertising mediums of the past) to learn where to get these services. Online efforts give you the capability of putting your business services before literally thousands of people shopping over the Internet each and every day.

How do I do this?


To do this, you will need a solid, fully hosted e-commerce package. One of these is Shopify. They establish an online services store, handling from the beginning to the end of the process. You can pick from literally hundreds of preset and one of a kind templates to set up your website. It allows you to begin selling your professional services through your online business in a matter of only minutes. Shopify will also deliver a state of the art shopping cart, secure hosting, seamless processing of orders, and practical apps to aid in your e-commerce service store's success.

The world of Online Business is so stimulating, due to the fact that you can start anywhere, with any product or service and work your way into something more lucrative. You can even change your selling platform whenever you choose.

There is so much freedom, not only as a businesses, but within your lifestyle.

Attention must be paid to the abundance just waiting to be tapped into.

Now that you have an idea what potential there is in the online business world, what will you do?

What will it take for you to make a change?

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