The art of selling anything

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I firmly believe that mastering the Art Of Selling is the ultimate power that we, Entrepreneurs, Must learn and master. When I found out that I need this skill and I knew nothing about it, I started searching to find good sources and materials to learn this skill. Tom Hopkins is one of the best sales people who are master of selling in real estate field. He teaches sales as a true art and believes that talking is one thing and selling is something else. So, according to him, anybody can be a salesman if he learns what to say and what not to say.

I summarise what I’ve learned from him up to now and introduce some of his books and training courses so if you like you can start investing in yourself and learn this art from the best master.

And one of the topics that u should learn is the art of Persuasion here I a short video to help you understand it.

Mastering the Art of Selling Persuasion

So let´s keep on mastering the selling process....
When You have a business, there are some days that things don’t go the way you plan and when somebody asks you: ” How’s Business?”, you don’t want to tell them that business is terrible. What you must do is get excited and say: “Unbelievable!” It covers it either way, don’t you think?

Everybody is in the profession of selling, one way or another. Children, spouses … In the selling profession, the medium we use are strategies, techniques and questioning skills, when we paint the picture properly, the positive emotions of the buyer to say “Yes” to your offering is created. When you start selling, you may not understand why nobody says “Yes” logically. They say yes emotionally, then they defend that decision logically. So, if you are in the business of moving people into Yes, decisions are made primarily emotionally.

The first thing that you must do before you want to be successful, is investing in yourself with getting a proper education. Anybody who wants to master the art of selling, must find some related courses and attends seminars and reads books about sales. As a true salesman, you must search for pearls in the education programs. The certain things that can change your life and you apply them to your life. This is the real key.

Most of the people think that to be a salesman, you should be a good talker. The first key to success in sales is “You gotta buy what you sell” If you want to have true integrity. You gotta believe in what you do. You must get involved in your product.

People will say “Yes” more to your belief and conviction than to your technical skills.

To Master the Art of Selling Anything, There are three things that you must have first:

You must find a product that you so believe in that you are excited about it.
You need to find qualified people to sell and sell professionally to them by using your sales skills to lead them to say “Yes”.
You have to help people to make decisions that are GOOD FOR THEM.
There is a basic truth that all the salespeople have to live by in the field of sales. It says: ” If I Say It, They Tend To doubt It. If They say it, It’s True”. The key is to take any statement of fact and see how you can turn it into a question.There are some questions that you must master and you can apply them to all areas of your life.

“When a consumer derives value – especially from something that was given to him for free – he becomes the best kind of evangelist.” – Mitch Joel

Come on in this wonderful journey, In the videos series you will see something impressive, something is never seen before YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT, VALUE AND EMOCION make a difference in the MAGIC of selling 


A glimpse of wonder

To your success


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