The key to success in online business (part 1)


About 5 years ago I learnt some information that changed my life forever and led me to the key to success in online business and life in general. I want to share that information with you because I have an opportunity that may be right for you and I believe this is something every should human being be taught.

You see I thought that all the decisions I made in my life where my own logical decisions that I wanted to do. After learning about the unconscious processes that go on in our bodies and minds I realised how wrong I was. You always go with your gut feeling right? Well that's what I thought anyway, but what is that gut feeling that makes you feel nervous or even sick that tells you when something isn't right? Why are we in a funny mood sometimes for no apparent reason? Well to understand the reason we have to go back in time, according to historians approximately 6000 years ago before the birth of civilisation. Before we started farming the lands and animals and long before the industrial revolution we lived in tribes of hunter gatherers and our world was very different. It was survival of the fittest and the rules of society to survive where very different from what we know today. This had an evolutionary affect on us and they way our minds work. [caption id="attachment_21" align="alignnone" width="274"]key to success in online business Understanding your inner caveman is key to success in online business and in life.[/caption] To understand the key to success in online business and life we need to understand who we are. We have two systems that run alongside each other that allow us to operate, function and navigate this world we live in. These are: The Conscious Mind - This is simply put everything you think about. It is simple, straight forward and logical. It enables you to imagine and ponder the universe we live in. It receives feedback from you unconscious part of your mind e.g. feel hungry so you make the conscious decision to eat something. It is the disciplined and regimented side side of our brain. It's main purpose is to allow us to do, create and explore whatever we want, it is where our real essence lies. The conscious mind is capable of understanding nuances and shades of grey and is where our intellectual side lies. It is your sense of self and your ego. "I think therefore I am". If we use a computer metaphor to explain it, it is everything that you see on the screen. The key to success in online business and life does not just lie in the conscious mind but also the unconscious mind! The Unconscious Mind - So if the conscious mind is everything you think about then the unconscious mind controls everything you don't think about. This will be things like breathing, your heart beating, all reflex reactions, immune system, sexual attraction and many other functions. It is a genius and can do ultra complex things whilst multi tasking. It has one overriding purpose and that is your survival as an individual and as a species. Everything it does is for this purpose and it is constantly trying to figure the outside world out to improve its strategy and chances for survival. It thinks in black and white and their are no shades of grey and the problem is it is still running on old software as it thinks we are still hunter gatherers. It is still operating on law of the jungle and survival of the fittest principles that no longer apply in so called present day civilised societies. One of its primary functions is to set your mood known as your "state" to what it thinks is the most appropriate for that situation. It sits in the background like the antivirus on your computer and then controls your bodies functions when it thinks it is appropriate. For example if it thinks you are in danger it will release adrenaline and cortisol to prepare your body. In addition the unconscious mind is extremely risk adverse as in hunter gatherer times risk meant a potential for failure. Failure then could of significantly lowered your chance of survival especially if you could get injured or were humiliated in front of other tribe members that would result in a lowering of your status. In those days the lower down in the pecking order you were in the tribe the less your chances of survival. This is one of the primary reasons for the most common phobia that is fear of public speaking and social humiliation/embarrassment. So with the default settings your unconscious mind will do one of two things, if it thinks that what you are about to do or the situation is a beneficial one then it will release feel good endorphin's that act as neuro-exciters into your brain. This will improve cognitive function and can make you feel confident, "in flow" and "on fire" to coin a few common phrases. You will perform better and everything will involve less effort. However if the unconscious mind thinks that what your are about to do or the situation you are in puts you at risk or threatens your survival it will do the opposite. It will release neuro-inhibitors into your brain that impair cognitive function and make it more difficult to still be in that situation and proceed with what your are doing. The more the unconscious mind perceives it is a dangerous the situation the more it will will try to stop you from doing it or staying in that situation. Have you ever heard of people freezing with fear? That is the unconscious mind saying "No your not doing that I am shutting you down!!!". So I mentioned that it is trying to figure the world out and improve its strategy for surviving, the way it does this is flawed and is what causes us a lot of problems. Whenever you experience any type of emotion good or bad the unconscious mind will immediately look for something that is unique to or about that situation and then immediately assume it must be because of that. This builds an unconscious association between the "state" and the situation. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that takes you back to a specific time in your life or a smell that reminds you of something. This is because the unconscious mind has "anchored" that feeling that we call "state" to that situation. This can also be done with repetition, think Pavlov's dogs salivating at the sound of the bell. All this is leading us to understand the key to success in online business. So here's the problem, your unconscious mind is feeding back to your conscious mind giving it incorrect information based on an outdated way of living from 6000 years ago. This affects the conscious decisions you make everyday and in turn your behaviour. Until we become consciously aware of our unconscious processes we will always be a slave to them.The things that put us in danger then, no longer pose any risk to us anymore. In fact they are very often the exact things we need to do for our own personal growth and development. In fact the key to success is getting both the unconscious and conscious minds singing off the same song sheet. This is when magic happens and we see people achieve great things. When they work against each other it is only a matter of time before things go wrong no matter how determined, dedicated and motivated you are. Will power can only keep us going for so long. So why I am telling you this? Well because for years I was thinking that "gut feeling" meant I was going in the wrong direction. Due to scammers and dishonest people that have plagued the internet in the past I built up an unconscious association with them and passed by genuine opportunities. When I finally realised this and learnt that I needed to be able to discern the good from the bad. I came across a company called the Six Figure Mentors. This was no get rich quick scheme but offers a genuine opportunity to people who are willing to invest time and some money whilst learning online marketing skills. You can "earn as you learn" by selling the same products you bought to others and with the right mindset totally transform your life to give your self the financially independent lifestyle most of us are craving these days. That was my key to success in online business and life. If you are interested click on here and enter your email address. You will receive a free video series that will allow you to make an informed decision if this is right for you as it was for me. If it is not for you this information can still serve you and I will be doing further blogs on tools that can be used to achieve the congruence of the two minds. Top of page

Part 2 will include how to programme and use the amazing abilities of your unconscious mind to maximise you results which is the key to success in online business and in life.

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