The kind of life I want to live, You?

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Everyone has that ideal life that they would like to live. I have one too. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the things I will do when I obtain this kind of life. Yes, when I obtain this kind of life. It's one thing to dream and it's another to do something about it. I will also share 3 things I am doing to get closer to my goal every day.

The day will come when I will wake up without any financial tension, without questions like: am I happy? Where is my life going? Am I putting my attention on things that matter the most to me what are those things?


When that day comes I will be a mobile person. My wife and I will be able to wake up one day and decide to move to another country on a whim. I want to be able to go anywhere I want just because the weather here is too hot.

In those days I will pull out a map and we shall trace out our path. The countries we want to visit and what it will take to go there.

I love a good adventure and I love site seeing among other things, so for me, mobility is on top of my list when I begin to live the life that I want.



Family is one of the most important things in my life. I love my wife and soon I will have some young ones who may have some of my passions. I think family is everything without it we would be lost the sense of belonging would have nothing to replace it and for this reason, I cherish my time with my family.

I want to be able to attend my wife's conferences and help out when she is talking to young women about marriage. I want to attend the first concert my daughter will be playing the violin at or any other instrument.

I want to teach my kids fractions and tell them not to believe everything they are told by their teachers. I want to assure my children they can be anything and I will demonstrate to them how. I want to be there to teach them how to pray and listen to God.

When my child takes the first step I want to be there to catch them in case they fall. 

None of my family members should suffer from lack because I will be there to give a helping hand.



On that day I want to be a beacon of hope to the disadvantaged. I want to make someone's dream come true. I will be able to intentionally help the poor, the sick, the widows in their times of distress. When people see me appear on the scene I want them to know God has answered their prayer. I want to contribute to the global health initiative to transform African lives and the whole world. I want to be that missing piece that completes the big picture. That is the kind of life that gives me joy and satisfaction.


What am I doing to achieve my dreams:

  1. Visualizing it each day: all that I have written above I visualize each day and refine. I am bold enough to approach them because I know they can come to pass if I work hard towards them. I write my vision every morning and visualize it to make it crystal clear that this is where I am heading. When something comes that tries to get me off the path, I know easily to say no to it.
  2. Find mentors for accountability: I have found a group of people who are passionate about this kind of dream too. They help me keep accountable and work towards it by establishing an online business. I know it will be hard to commit to the dream when things are hard so I found a community that helps me stand when I am weak. Loving people.
  3. Work at it every day: each day I work towards my goal if it means reading more, taking an extra course that will position me better, I do it. Dreams are not easily achieved with a nonchalant attitude and there is no shortcut towards it. Hard work pays!
  4. Picking new skills: the world is evolving. Skills need a constant sharpening, in consideration of my goal I have picked up several courses that will help me get closer to my vision. Whether I need the skill immediately or later, I get it when I have some free time. Its one year doing that now and I have picked some nice skills in programming, design and I am still growing.

That is all for today, thanks for reading. Please share your kind of dream life, we would like to hear from you. Give this article a thumbs up.

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