The Love of a Mother & Daughter

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Do you feel the love a mother has for her daughter?

The love a mother has for her daughter is one of the greatest, stongest, binding loves many women feel.

This love is an instant love at birth without thinking or winking an eye. This maturnal love, often starts even as a little girl playing with dolls. When I was a little girl, all dolls were girls.

The mother instinct seems to be prevelent in us females at a very early age. One of our first gifts is often a doll.

We learn to feed, protect, clean, love unconditionally & teach them what we know so they will have a loving safe environment in which to grow & become the being they choose to be in life.

Time flies by quickly with life's realities. Some good, some not so good. We deal with each experience as it comes our way & make the the best of each situation.

Our Jodi was always a friendly, happy, loving, joyful little girl who was a perfect baby in our eyes as she loved to sleep. She woke up smiling.

Growing up she was willing to help out to keep peace in the family. Jodi liked things to be done correctly. Jodi was very neat & tidy with her appearance & her bedroom. She has had dreams & goals as a young girl.

Jodi attended Skip & Sue Ross's Ranch Camp which encouged children to have a list of dreams & goals they would like to achieve in life. The skill was learned at age 11.

The list was often seen in her top drawer of her dresser. As one goal was achieved she added another. The list was encouraged to always have 10 things you are looking forward to achieve in life.

Jodi's dream of being a police officer was discouraged as a young woman by her older police officer cousin who was protective of her.  His experience led him to believe the police profession was too dangerous for girls.

With the police officer off the list, she choose to be a nurse. Jodi has been a nurse now for 22 years & has loved her profession.undefined 

Our daughter has also learned how working in a hospital with a negative environment & many sick unhappy people can affect ones life. There seems to be less time for the love & compassion she could give to patients when she first started her nursing journey.

We have been encouraging our adult children to find an online business as we have, knowing technology is a skill to embrace now with most professions.  Many jobs are becoming redundant.   Many stores are closing their doors & our educational system appears to be obsolete for the knowledge & skills necessary for a successful future.

Every person with the dream, drive & desire & system can start up & become  the C.E.O. of their own company.

We are so proud of Jodi as she is developing an online business, learning new slills & producing extra income with her new business.

For those who already have a product to sell, we can offer an education, to use leverage, to achieve more success in your business. Pat XO.

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