The Mind

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There are many facets to it. Much study done on it. Lots have been written on it and it is still the most fascinating thing people will talk about. The mind is the most powerful creation on the planet. Possibly the most powerful creation in entire universe. How do you use yours?

The Mind

The more I read and ponder the mind, I can't help that there is nothing more fascinating to study than that. We use it for everything that needs to be done. 

From the mind, we have thought. Thought comes before everything there is on this planet. Every invention was first a thought in someone's mind. You could be talking about the wheel, sliced bread or the latest satillite in outer space. Every one of these things was nothing more than a thought in someone's mind first. 

There Are Differences

To me, and this is a matter of opinion, and you can have yours and I will not argue with you, but there is a difference between the mind and the brain. The brain puts us in communication to our surroundings through the senses. The mind, on the other hand, is what we use to think with, solve problems, with and create with. In other words, the brain is physical. Whereas, the mind is spiritual. It is a part of our soul. A part of who we really are. The mind is much more powerful than the brain. 

How To Put The Mind To Use

We as entreprenuers, have goals we want to attain. Most of us may have a difficult time attaining these goals. We can use the mind to accomplish what we want. 

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen. Write what you want to accomplish and how you are going to do it. Once you get this written the way you want it to read, read it every morning and every night. What happens is the mind goes to work to work with Infinite Intelligence to line you up with your goals. 

As an aside, I really like reading my statement at night. The mind or the subconscious part of the mind go to work as you sleep. Work while sleeping. I like it!


Every second you have free picture in your mind the riches (money, friends, material goods, etc) you want out of life. Hold that thought in your mind as long as you can. Know how it looks. Know how it feels, tastes, the color, smells. Take it in through all your senses. It will become so real to your mind that it will bring in any richness you want.


Let's say you want more money in your account. Feel how crispy the stacks of $100.00 bills feel in your hand. Can you smell the ink of the money? How much weight is there to the stacks and what color are the bills? Can you see how the money is stacked up in the vault of your financial institution?

What you are doing with this exercise is convincing the mind that you already have the money. When the mind believes the money is there, it appears in your account. It's how the mind works.

You can do this with any riches you desire. Think about what you want and you'll get it. 

The Gift

Honestly, the mind is a gift of a tool. Use it all the time. Use it wisely. Take control of it because it can believe the opposite of everything I just explained to you. If you want your life to fall apart, the mind will allow that also. Just think negative thoughts and you will have negative results. 

Master your thoughts. What you think about, you get. But if a negative thought creeps in, don't worry about it. Turn your attention to what you do want. Concentrate on it and you'll turn your thinking around to much better results. 

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This blog is based on the words of Abraham Hicks and the book titled: Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

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