The Murky and Exceptionally Slimy World of Online Business Opportunities

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 I was trawling through my emails from my ever loyal subscribers the other day, and there was a particularly interesting email that caught my eye.

 It wasn't anything that I hadn't seen before (which may well have caught my eye even more so), but it was written by someone who'd operated his own business before, and for various health related reasons (as I understand it), he'd been forced to cease trading and look elsewhere for income.

 Now as a business owner myself he already had my ear, but when he said to me he'd be extremely careful about ever spending money on a business system again, purely because he'd been burn't in the past, it got me thinking.

 It's a real shame that so many people are burn't by shysters looking to make a quick buck online, and I know all too well the pain of spending a fuckton of money on a product, only to realise after a considerable amount of commitment (and money), that the product itself was a pile of dog shit.

 The problem is marketers out there and extremely good ones at that (albeit unethical), prey on the people whom have suffered a particular pain, in this case someone who has lost their income in the blink of an eye.

 Poof. No more.

 We all make buying decisions based on emotions, we simply justify and back those decisions up with logic.

 So before you know it you've brough a product which doesn't have any real support, and teaches methods and tactics which are outdated, and quite frankly crap, instead of teaching age old strategies that will ALWAYS work because they're based on human psychology.

 Let Me Share a Story With You...

 A few years ago, before I had the success in business that I enjoy today, I fell prey to a particularly enticing and equally scammy opportunity after searching for the "THE system" to trump all systems, and make me the successful digital nomad I'd set my sights on at the age of 17.

 I can't quote a name, otherwise I bloody well would! But it was offering "free commissions", no start up fee's, get leads for nothing, all that bullshit.

 You'd like to think this shit screams "STAY AWAY", but when you're so driven, and sometimes a tad desperate, your brain shuts off to these subtle nuances.

 So I pulled out my debit card, sign my life away and off I went.

 After watching the sales funnel videos, you'd think this thing would be the lastest and greatest in systems that make money while you sleep. Unfortunately nothing could have been futher from the truth.

 What I'd done is spend 4-figures (I won't say the exact price, it's embarrassing enough) on a platform that:

 a) Didn't have anything that would help me create a business online

 b) Didn't have a solid business model at all (it wasn't really a fucking business as I understand one), so I couldn't even promote it as an affiliate offer

 c) Didn't make one bit of sense, as the videos were in a random order, and provided no clear action points

 I mean I'd been bent over and well and truly had.

 I'd saved up what was quite a lot of money at the time, or even now still, and I had NOTHING to show for it but some hyped up videos of some dude on a private yacht, which I very much doubt he even owned.

 The Moral of The Story and What You Should Do Instead

 Look, I won't tell you there's an easy way to quit your job, travel the world, have complete time and financial freedom, and experience true peace of mind (AKA financial freedom).

 But, I will say it's readily available to anyone who's willing to work for it. The ONLY way to do that though, without learning to trade the financial markets or spending the money to do so, is by starting a legitimate business.

 Yes, I'm talking about an online business, but it's not about the "system" as such.

 Of course you need a solid business model, platform, and if you're brand new to starting a business a solid TRAINING system, but at the end of the day you have to go into this with clear answers to two in your head:

 1. The problem you're going to help a specific audience with

 2. The medium by which you're going to deliver value and your/someone else's products/services

 If you're looking for the "perfect system", or the "perfect business" to start, you'll be bitterly dissappointed, cos' there's no such thing. There's merely the right business for the right person.

 One last point I'm gonna leave you with is this - if you're truly committed to going out on your own, leaving the job you've got no "get up and go" with anymore, and never having your financial situation at the whim of somone else again, you need to go out there with the mindset of running a brick and mortar business.

 So many online business wannabes go out there thinking they can just spend an hour a day "working" on generating a full time income and be retired in a few months. They also completely lose sight of the people they're serving and why.

 Firstly, an hour a day?

 Yeah, right.

 Creating a full time business that supports you and your loved ones takes more than an hour on your lunch break. Sure, spending an hour working on it is better than zero time, but you're gonna have to understand that you get out exactly what you put into this.

 Secondly, you CANNOT lose sight of why you started this business, and who it is that's gonna find value in your offerings. 

 When you run a brick and mortar business you never forget, because you start out in the trenches so to speak, you're dealing with customers possibly face to face, and you're engaging with their wants and needs.

 An online business can mean all of this is cut out, and it takes more effort to engage with people and remember to put your audience and customers first.

 Never forget to treat your business opportunity exactly as it is - a business opportunity.

 To that end, if you're looking to make the leap from the 9-5 grind, and all the office politics and bullshit that comes with it, to a legit online business that brings your unique value to the marketplace...

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 Talk soon,


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