The Power Of Your Mind

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The Power Of Your Mind.

I am going to tell you what you have already heard or read before… The power of your mind is limitless. Did you read that? Read it again ;) We all possess one power that only few use, now if I told you that you had a ‘super-power’, you probably wouldn’t believe me but I am going to try regardless.

This power is called ‘VISUALISATION’. Sound familiar?  Good. Now this power can do all the following:

·         Improve future performance and development

·         Bring about future success

·         Gain self-efficacy

·         Improve mood

·         Reduce distress

·         Gain understanding, insight, inner wisdom

·         Help overcome physical illnesses

·         Improve sports performance.

There has been a growing body of evidence throughout the years about the power of visualisation/imagery. Including, Gilbert & Irons 2004, Holmes, Arntz, Smucker 2007, Holmes, Crane, Fennell, Williams 2007, Stopa 2009. Furthermore, sport psychology greatly supports visualisation, search up all the best athletes in the planet and they will all have one thing in common they all mentally rehearse themselves experiencing success. Now mastering this skill is not easy you should focus on creating the habit first, if you have never tried visualising I recommend you read ‘Meditation for Warriors’ by Loren. W. Christensen (and if you have visualised before read it too!). Try and visualise every single day for at least 10 minutes, to start simply picture yourself achieving all the goals you have set for this new year, imagine how you will accomplish them in detail and picture yourself achieving them, sounds too simple right? That’s because you have been doing this since you were a kid and imagined you were an astronaut in a super-secret mission for NASA when in fact you were jumping from couch to couch in your living room, but you truly believed it, that’s the key to visualisation, picture yourself winning like it is the inevitable truth, believe it, become certain and it will turn into your reality.

After visualising smile at your present circumstances and work to achieve what you truly desire. This is not a guide on how to visualise but a wake-up call to why you should.

Efrain Herrera.

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