The Right Path Is Often The Most Challenging

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Over and over in our lives, we know that the right path is often the most challenging to take but yet, most of us repeatedly choose the simplest route. The less traveled road is often a hard one, full of barriers, heavy work, and mysteries. So why should we deliberately pursue the toughest path?

At a glance, it is evident that people are imperfect! We can all recognize that man is the only animal for whom his existence is a problem. We frequently struggle in making decisions because the path we need to take feels like it is not where we want to go or be. But there are numerous possible reasons which could drive us down the wrong lane and away from success or even happiness.

So what should we do? Why is it easier than ever to stray away from the path that is right for us?

Well, amongst all the many features that are at our command, we have the power of choice. Good and bad! Right and wrong! Making a decision often results in consequence or a necessary action that eventually drive us to an effect, desired or not.

Our life principally is nothing else but an outcome of the choices we have made along the way, even if at times we may choose to blame the circumstances we are in. We have to remember that the choice was ours to make, and we are solely accountable for them as well as the outcome.

We regularly end up picking routines over challenges, and sadly the tough gets to be the right thing to do. The uneasy road often implicates going against quite a few odds and may be contrary to rational thinking.

But it is in such paths that huge achievements lie. Success in any endeavors has never been provided on a silver platter but has only been won by the hard choices we made. It took our willpower, determination, and persistence to get there. And it all began with a choice.

Knowing What is Right

You are on the right path when things stop being easy. You should realize that when choosing the correct route, it becomes overwhelming. The profound truth about taking the right pathway in life is to follow the hard one.

The most challenging path is always full of disarray. It is the one place where you have to make sacrifices, find yourself in a fog of doubt and face your fears. Of course, there are always easy ways and challenging ones, but when you boil it down, the central truth is gut wrenching audacity and back breaking effort.

Moving across or in another country, make a significant job change, build a new business, fix a delicate relationship with someone, or whatever you are trying to do, selecting the most daring path is never your first choice.

The biggest reason we do not choose the harder path is often that of the fear of failure. We know it is the road we need to be on but we do not take it. We are so terrified that we will not make it. We are afraid of not having enough money, strength, experience, knowledge, time, drive, courage, or even, not being good enough. But we forget an essential piece to the puzzle.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – Unknown

Accepting Challenges

The vital piece of the puzzle is that you have to accept challenges because when you do not, it is like never wanting to make changes. Why should you hide in a corner? Is it because you have always done it? Do you feel ashamed or afraid to be scorned at? Do you want to be stuck in a corner indefinitely, enduring the same over and over?

You do not have to live in the hope of a paycheck. There is nothing more destructive than working a job you hate, just to pay the bills. You define who you are, not work. Nowadays, too many people do not know what the right path is for them and what is not.

Most people do not understand how to be on the right path! Young people are undecided wanting instant gratification. Graduating students have difficulties selecting a career, and adults have to choose a lifestyle, a job and much more.

Picking an Easy Road

Picking an easy road makes you dwell in a world where mediocrity is reflected to be the rule to live by. Countless people refuse to make a choice to accept unpleasant challenges which would get them the best jobs and live the best lives.

For some people, being ordinary, average is fine. Not everyone has to be successful, wealthy, or be a go-getter in life. But what if you have regrets one day and are bitter of the choices you made because you decided not to get involved in challenging situations to be on the right path.

Stop making poor choices in life. Break the habit of seeking the easy way out as you will end up getting a series of wrong experiences. Some signs show you are not on the right path. You should rather choose the courageous, hard-working, sacrificing, determined and worthy route.

“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.” – Peter F. Drucker

The Most Challenging Path is Priceless

Apparently, we all have walked on easy roads and terrible ones. But it has always been the hardest routes coupled with some bits of Providence that have served you well because, during those times, you have learned, improved, progressed and grew into the person you are today.

The most challenging path is priceless because it is designed to push you to make the right choices in life. You have to remember that you can change your life by making the correct decisions, even if they are easier said than done. But that part is entirely up to you.

You can have the wisdom and audacity to achieve amazing things by making challenges part of your life which in turn will bring you on the right path. The right way is never the easy one. It is the one that is necessary. You have to pick the hardest way because it is what molds you in the individual you are meant to be.

It will dramatically change the quality of your life. It will modify the course of your future. It will make you appreciate and be grateful for what you have. It will make you grow, meet better people, learn things you never could imagine and become a better individual.

Challenge as Opposed to Routine

Amid the barrier of things being thrown at you, there are temptations and choices between right or wrong as you move forward. But, what makes you into an excellent person or a mediocre one, are the challenging choices you make and the actions you take.

To be truly transformed, you have to do what is hard and not what is easy. It usually requires you to give and sacrifice your time, money, effort and vitality. No one ever said that easy work pays off. I believe it never does.

The right path is where you experience mistake, failure, aching, suffering, rejection and doubt. Challenges teach you about other people and who your real friends are. The most demanding teach you about what you are willing to do to live a full life.

If you do, you should be particularly proud of your choice not to take the easy route and be pleased to have such willpower and determination.

Tips When Choosing the Right Path

  • It is the best way forward.
  • It molds you to be the person you have always wanted.
  • It turns your weaknesses into strengths.
  • It brings out the best in you.
  • You can handle the most challenging path.
  • All that is worthy of doing is tough.
  • Challenges turn failures into opportunity.
  • It gives you a great sense of dignity
  • Everything worthwhile requires effort.
  • It changes despair into self-confidence.
  • It makes you work long and hard.
  • Be open and flexible with your plans.
  • Be adaptable in learning new things.
  • Adapt to a changing environment.
  • It gets you up after you have been knocked down.
  • Anything can be achieved through effort and determination.
  • It teaches you to become grateful.

Now it is time for you to embark on a new and harder path. There is never an easy or perfect way. All you need to know is that challenging roads become more comfortable and become the right ones. If you want to be on the right path in life, stop assuming and choose the most challenging one because it is the only real way forward. So pick up your will and start going.


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