The right time is now! Act now.

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There was a time in my life where I thought certain paths towards success are easier than others. Oh was I rudely awakened!

There are hurdles everywhere you turn, you have to use all your capability to get to where you want to be. I no longer think this way, I grew up. In other words, I have come to terms with knowing it's going to take every fiber of my being if I want to see results.

Believe me, all the people I have heard from who are successful have followed this method of action.

It is not necessarily easy, no no no. In fact, it is harder than you think.

The variables to success are tremendous. You need light years to discover them all. However, there are some that have been tested and we have seen results.

However, despite all that may be said, the time is now.

You need to take every millisecond with care because time is a resource that cannot be regained. You can take all the years you need to think about when you will make this move towards your dream and find there is no perfect time to do it.


"Time waits for no man"

If you ask me, it seems time is bound in the same envelope as circumstances. I mean you will not find a second where circumstances to go forth will not challenge what you intend to do. There is always something to stop you, make you postpone, distract you or discourage you.

I mean its a fight to get to that day of freedom and you only know how tough it is.

The idea to become independent is something so many people think about. We want more time for our families. We are tired of the jobs we are working. We want to do things we are passionate about, travel to distant countries and meet people of many races.

Deep in our hearts, we know that we have not reached our potential. There is something more we can achieve. There is so much invested in us to stop where we are.

We feel stuck and need to be liberated, empowered with choice.

There was a time I was in that situation, I worked a job I hated. After paying my rent and transport I was left with peanuts. I bought all the food I needed on a budget and stayed with some change for anything that may come up.

I lived miles away from work because that is where I could afford to live. Things were difficult. 

I and my alarm clock had a hate relationship because when it used to ring it reminded me that it was another day to head to this place I hated. Se the people I loathed to see all the while putting a smile on my face because I had found a job. What a life that was.

Even though I knew this is where I did not want to be, I procrastinated, made excuses and bought time trying to avoid the inevitable. 

I was waiting for the right time. At least that is what I told myself.

Such is the way we work even when we know that what we need to do is good for us. We are stuck in a comfort zone -- or we are stuck in a bubble somehow hoping that things will magically work out without our input. 

There is no such thing as an ideal time, there won't be a good time where you will have all the money to begin your business. There won't be a time where you won't have many commitments. There won't be a time where it will be ideal to do everything and all will be perfect.

The best time you have is now. Now is a perfect time. Now that you have the idea to work on it. Now that you have some little money use that. Now that the economy is this way take advantage-- it could be worse. Now is your time to act. There is no better time than today.

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Act now!

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