The Word That Workers Fear The Most

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Hey, Joe from Digital Success World here.

It might be bloody cold over here in the UK, but it sure as hell isn’t too cold for a nice long walk in the country.

I’m a man of simple pleasures, a long walk, a good ale, and maybe even some bar snacks to top it all off.

That’s exactly what I’ll be doing after I finish this email to you, but first I wanted to talk about something that WILL affect you sooner rather than later, especially as time goes on with the Honey monster in charge of the white house, Brexit looming, and the distinct possibility of another recession hitting.

You ready for it?


Fucking horrible word isn’t it?

Sadly it’s becoming all too popular with medium to large companies who’re being forced to make essential cutbacks left right and centre.

The problem is these companies aren’t recession proofing themselves and as a result, you are the one who suffers the brunt of the cutbacks.

What do I mean about recession proofing?

Well first I need to explain the root cause of a lot of the financial problems these companies are having, and pretty much all of them come as a result of poor positioning, and poor pricing strategies.

You only need talk a stroll down your local high-street to know what I’m talking about.

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It’s this kind of shit that’s backing many companies into a corner, along with the fact they’re falling behind with the times.

Think about it for a second. If you get yourself into a price war with other companies, it’s always gonna be the company with the biggest pockets who wins, not to mention the winner doesn’t come out of this unscathed either.

Competing on price is the quickest way to the business graveyard, and world renowned marketer Dan Kennedy said it best:

“If you can’t be the cheapest option for your audience, become the most expensive”.

I may be paraphrasing slightly, but you get the point.

The other giant fat elephant in the room that’s fucking so many companies over, is their positioning.

Positioning is defined as: “the consumer’s perception of a brand or product in relation to competing brands or products”.

They no longer have the brand pull they used to have, so now they struggle because they haven’t taken the time to think about how they want to be perceived by their audience.

People’s attention wanes by the day, and the only way to really capture people’s attention is by positioning yourself as an expert solution, to a specific person’s specific problems.

Obviously it varies from industry to industry in the way this should be done, but the vast majority of companies don’t seem to understand this concept.

So, where am I going with all this?

Well the bottom line is this:

Companies will continue to struggle for these reasons, and a bunch of other I won’t go into now, and your job is gonna be dwindling by a thread.

So if you wanna protect yourself against redundancy (not to mention never deal with the rat race or a pain in the arse boss again), you don’t really have any other choice than to start your own business.

And if you wanna grow a business that’s recession, politician, and Honey Monster proof, you’ve got to pay close attention to:

I realise this sounds very simple, and it IS simple, but it ain’t easy to pull off, especially if you’re not really 100% confident with the ins and outs of positioning and pricing.

Lucky for you, you’ve got me and the Titan fury of the Six Figure Mentors backing you up.

The best part? You don’t have to pay a dime to learn all this shit.

All you’ve got to do is click the link below, register for the on-demand, online business building workshops, and you’re away with the mixer.

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Talk soon,


PS – People have always had job security in the past. They’d work for one or two companies at the most their entire life. They’d then retire with a nice pension and a reasonable age.

Now, that no longer exists.

And if you do believe it does, you’re potentially getting yourself in a lot of fucking trouble.

If you go back far enough in time, pretty much EVERYONE was self employed and made their own livings. Whether it was selling fish at the market, or pots and pans, the majority were what you’d call self employed in today’s age.

And things are starting to come full circle.

It’s no longer safe as an employee. So if you’d rather take control of your own financial situation sooner rather than later, and achieve true financial freedom, click that link below, get clued up, and work your arse off.

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