Three improvising theatre skills that will help you sell more, and influencing others

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In his book, “to sell is human”, Daniel Pink talks about how the act of seeing has changed dramatically since the emergence of information ages.
Therefore we as a seller need to change our strategies in order to convince, influence and move others.
In one of the chapters, he compares three structures in the improvised theatre that can also be used in moving our prospects to the right way.

sell more and influencing others

1_Hear Offers

Most often in a conversation, people are not listening to each other actively. Even when it's their turn to listen, they are just waiting to have a chance to take the lead again and express their opinions.
Despite the traditional theatre, which the actors will memorise the scripts and recite them on the stage, in improvising theatre the actors are not listing for anything, they are just listening. That will give them a room for a lot of creativity and freedom.

Same can be applied in the art of selling, as long as the seller has been training his ears for hearing the offers, not the objections and be ready to come up quickly with counteroffers, he can please the prospects and make a sale.

sell more and influencing others

2_Say "yes and"

Let's compare these two conversations:
"Should we have a meat-free week?"
"yes, but we need to replace the protein in our diet."
"yes, but there is plenty of protein in non-meat food too."
" yes, but we need a lot when we do weight training in the gym."
"yes, but we can have whey protein instead."
"yes, but I'm allergic to dairy."

"should we have a meat-free week?"
"yes, and we can replace the meat with whey protein."
"Yes, and I can add plenty of soya to my diet as I have a dairy allergy."
"yes, and we can do more cardio instead of weight training too."

Did you notice that just by replacing the evil "Yes, but" to its more positive sibling "yes, and", we have more possibilities and solutions instead of frustration and futility?
We can use this improvised theatre technique to go upwards towards solutions and sales rather than downwards towards frustration and no outcome.

sell more and influencing others

3_ make your partner look good

"never argue, to win an argument is to lose a sale."
Before the emergence of information priority, sellers had the upper hands. If the buyer wasn't happy the way he was treated he didn't have anywhere to go. But nowadays when there are plenty of reviews, comparing site and social media, if the seller is not happy, the world knows about it. But that will also go the other way, if your buyer is being treated well, he will tell the world about it too.

In improv theatre, the actor knows making her partner look good, it will make him shine too. we can use the same strategy in the sale and have always the mutual benefit of both parts in mind. One person wins shouldn't be at the cost of another person defeat, think win-win.

So as in improvised theatre, in the sale, if you keep your ears sharp for hearing the offers, say "yes, and", and make your partner look good, you will have better opportunities in moving and influencing your sales prospects.

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