Three Simple Steps Needed to Start a New Life Journey

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What steps are you taking each day for a change? 

 Do you share with someone close by to help them grow personally base on your act of kind sharing? 

 Are you willing to let go of few unchanged hobbies for a new and fruitful one? 

Are your daily routines helping you land your dream job or lifestyle? 

Two months ago, I started a new journey and since then, I am leaning new ways to change my mindset and create the lifestyle that I want to live. This is not an overnight process, it requires me to take some steps I never thought I could take, but overtime, I’m starting to see progress daily. Below are just three of those steps that have gotten me started.  

1. Do something out of your routine.

As the saying goes, if you want something you never had, you must do something you have never done. It may not be something overly big out of the ordinary. Just the very little and unexpected or recognized could be your turning point to getting what you need that you never had. 

For me, it was something as little as a “click”. I was a person who skip every ad that ever came on when I’m watching YouTube videos…be it listing to music, motivation or even training. But the very second that I decided not to skip Dan Holloway ad on the morning of 12/28/2017, I later learned that a “click” on his link led me to an amazing path that got me in a great community which is now providing me with the mentorship into becoming an entrepreneur. 

2.     Find yourself the right community by surrounding yourself with the right people. 

Take this from me. You will never learn to become the best swimmer if you continue to hang out with basketballers. If you want to think positively, surround yourself with positive thinkers. Sometimes this may means letting go of few regular people for a while and finding new ones.  

Trust me those new ones don’t have to be close by physically but make sure they’re always in reach. After my “click” on 12/28/2017, (lol…sorry, if you follow me on this journey that date may become a bit annoying with me constantly repeating it, but it’s now one of the most important dates in my life). So! as I was saying: after that click, I landed in a community filled with all the “RIGHTS”.  I have the right mentors that is an email away, the right leaders just an inbox or webinar away, the right team or schoolmates that could be a Facebook group post and live training away (because this is a learning community), with the right resources needed to change my mindset and change my life just a matter of opening a browser away. 

3. Be willing to let go of some old hobbits to learn new ones.

Your cup may already be full of your daily routine and in other for you to add something new, it may cost you letting go of another. This might be for few reasons. You either don’t want to have your cup overflow or there may be some new routines that will not go alongside an older one.  

For example; my new community has helped me with getting in the hobbit of learning/doing something new each day so I’m now taking out time to read one to two paragraph of educational source a day. In other for me to fit that into my daily actives, I had to let go of 30minutes of Netflix time and an hour of Facebook chatting (that which led me to letting go of messenger on my phone). It is a step-by-step process, I started with less reading time and letting go of little stuff but the more I dive within my new hobbits the more I will do, and soon I will see myself letting go of some hobbit without realizing. 

Thanks so much for reading through. Can you think of one little hobbit that you could change or maybe work on from this moment onward? Mine started with a click. What will yours be? Need some time to think or will like to check and learn a bit about the community that's helping me choose my steps? Check out these few links: but Just before you do let me make it clear for you. What works for John may not work for Paul. If you find it meaningful as I did and decided to get within, hey!! You will meet me on the other end. If not, I will say to you continue taking steps until you find what's right for you. But it won't feel right until you take the first unusual step.

Oh! Before I forget, here are your links: (just copy and paste in your browser) 

1. The Video series gives you an insight of what this community is all about. 

2. Get to meet two of my amazing mentors that are leading this community 

 Your time is well appreciated. Please feel free to share your thought and comments and don’t forget to share with someone. The best way for us to grown together is to pass on to others as we learn…..this a Journey of a life time and I pray that you continue with me.  

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