How to effectively use your time

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When you become a leader in your domain, you get to juggle many resources. You need to be a matter of priority. First things first is your daily slogan. You dream it, and it literally rules the way you behave.

I don't know why but one of the things we tend to take for granted is the resource of time. It is amazing how easy it is for us to do anything that we want to because we think we have time. What is even more mind-boggling is that we actually have our time running out. 

You do not get any second you waste on things that are not valuable.

While I was still under 30 years of age I used to think this exact way. I could spend the whole weekend binge-watching series. I could go visit anyone impromptu. I literally had no direction in terms of what purpose is and where I wanted to go and as a result, those years I will never get back. Wow, now this means a lot to me.

I have learned to value my time more and this is attributed to some factors anyone needs to consider if they are looking to head somewhere in life. These are some of the things I have learned that have helped me put a priority on the time I have these days.

  1. Time defines phases: thank God we have time because it defines phases of life. There was a time when I had no direction but now I do. I have learned to transition between phases and not be stuck at one level as time moves on. There is a time to stop watching tv, there is a time to lose the friends that don't matter. Leave that phase and get to the new one.
  2. Management: effective, efficient correct and timely use of another person's property and resources for the purpose which they were delegated with the view to producing the added value. I now see time as a gift given to me by God I just can't waste it.
  3. Economize: to get the most out of the least, I have learned to use the little I have to get the most out of it. Since I decided to start a business and take online courses to make myself better I hardly get enough time to chat with people that have become strangers, things have changed.

Learning to use your time fruitfully is paramount if you are going to reach your goals. When you look at some of the most successful people. They are looking for more time than money because when you have more time then you can make more wealth. 

Time is the underlying current to life, next time you think of doing something that is not going to move you towards your goal remember time is equal to life. If you waste 10 minutes you have wastes 10 values of your life.

That was all the time I had for this article. Time to jump into something else.

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