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The two things in life that can't be changed or stopped are time and change. These are the most difficult components in life to manage. A man's life consists of how he uses time and manages change. Whenever there is a new year, do we ask ourselves this question; What did we do with the year that has just passed, how much of it did we waste watching TV, being with people who have no interest in your success, been involved in a habit which didn't improve your life for a success.

Time (every day, week, month, year and season) is created by God. And it is given to us as a gift to fulfil our purpose on earth, therefore, we don't have forever to fulfil this purpose that is why you can't afford to waste much time in your life.  Man is only given 24 hours in a day to fulfil a day's purpose. And I believe we will be accountable to God for the time He gave us to fulfil our mission here on earth, that is how we use ''time''. We can't afford to waste any more time in our lives.

  • Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries, and millennia.
  • Time measures life in yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  • Time measures life in past, present and future.
  • Time measures life in seasons, winter, summer, autumn, and spring.

The measure of time protects any living creature from living in any permanent state and that includes human therefore anything that you did or did not do last year become a history this year.

And thank God for blessing us with a new year, because it is a new book page opened in our lives on earth which an opportunity to redefine our priorities in life.

  1. A new year gives you a chance to renew your purpose and vision.
  2. It also enables you to set new goals in accordance with your vision. 
  3. It gives us chance to plan another future.

Planning is one of the tools or principles we use in life to manage time to effect changes in our lives. No one can succeed without effective planning of how to manage time. Time and change are always moving and passing so the only thing you can do to them are to manage them. 

People who don't plan their lives fail in life and end up broke. If you don't plan your life, someone who doesn't have any vision will plan it for you. ''Let's do this, let's do that, Let's go here and so on.'' The only defend tool you will have against such thing is planning. When you have an effective plan, you will not follow anybody to anywhere that is not in your plans.

It is your responsibility to plan your own future for a success and don't allow anybody to distract you. As a new year has begun like this, take the opportunity, sit down and use 'time' to put your plans together to create your future. Time and change are not something you can play with or they will destroy your life. 

Credit: Dr Myles.

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