Top 5 reasons why Online Marketing is something YOU shouldn’t let pass you by.

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5 years ago, no wait, even 10 years ago the thought of working online without a shop front presence and solely digitally was for the whiz kids, the bedroom entrepreneurs of the world.

With well over 3.6 billion internet users per day with China, India & USA top 3 countries with most users #9 UK, we should stop watching the black box in the corner of our living room, and get up and pay attention to what is accessible for anyone to start. And I mean anyone.

A lot of people are awakening to a Digital lifestyle and are coming from all walks of life Personal Trainers, MLM/Network marketers, Stay at home mums & dads, doctors, teachers, life coaches, Franchisees.

Well, let me tell you my story of how we got involved, a story everyone I’m sure can relate to here, a father of a 4-year-old son, a full-time Corporate job (that threatened redundancy twice on me). My monthly salary would be gone by days 14-15 of the month. My life was groundhog and I knew I had a passion to start-up my own business (which I had done so before in MLM/Network Marketing & before that joined a Franchise) both gave me a lot of experience, lessons and evolved me to go on and search for something that could work for me. Starting off part-time which is what I am choosing to do now. And why?

• You can work from anywhere in the world as an Online Marketer.

• I’ve researched and joined an ethical business. There are a lot of glitzy claims and wealth showing out-there; and whilst some claims might be true, it is more about the financial freedom & quality of life you get from it.

• Support, learning from the best in the business and from a proven business model created by those that have achieved it. You’re never alone. We have forms/communities/social get-togethers from various destinations of the world.

• Invest as much time as you would money into any new venture.

• Enjoy it. Choose products/subject matters that you would be happy to share with your own close family. But instead would be to everyone on the WWW.

Let me share with you this Ethical, supportive Digital Marketing company I have started with and hear for yourself what Stuart & Jay (My mentors and coach) have developed for us all to utilise!

See you on the inside!

Cheers, Paul

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