Totally not what we planned.

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Totally not what was planned!
For several months we as a family talked about our cross country holiday.
We had selected our final destination and worked out how many stops on the way and where would be a good place to stay. Picking out the sights on the way like parks and scientific sits including radio telescopes to finally see and get to talk to the scientist about what they do etc. I love the stars and have learnt a lot about the planets that share our solar system, in fact I drive my kids crazy with all the stuff I know and that I always want to what these types of shows, but I will share more about this later.
So back to our planning. We mapped this all out and decided on a budget and even worked out the kilometres we were driving per day (and even what food we would need etc.
This trip was going to take us three weeks and we aimed to end up near the sunshine coast and visit the theme parks and possible do tours off the coast..
Working full time with a company for around fifteen years I had stacked a bit of leave away so as part of the journey I had booked this time off plus a little each side to pack etc.
Approximately two and a half months before our planned trip I got asked to meet up with the General Manager to review some meeting notes. I locked in the meeting time and did some prep prior to ensure I had some ground work on the situation for our customers and when I went in I was notified that my position was made redundant and there was nothing more for me here.
I was stunned…..

My future plans in that instant fell apart.. devastated!
The next chapter for my future was suddenly thrust upon me and I was faced with no job and big commitments. I want to share with you over the next little while what and how I have learnt from this moment but if anything that you can take away from my experience (and I know I am not the only person to have this happen to them in the past or future) but start thinking about your skills that you have learnt/given to your career and consider how can these be used as another income to protect your plans from someone else deciding your worth!


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