Transitioning to a Digital Fulltime lifestyle

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A Transition from a Traditional Workplace to a Digital Lifestyle and Freedom.

The world is changing and we have to adapt to change with it. Today's technology allows businesses and individuals to do work pretty well anywhere, anytime with a laptop or other device. Files can be downloaded from a 'cloud' server, modified and sent directly to a potential client or team member. The challenge has always been that Companies and Management are reluctant to allow employees to work from home, even one day a week.

I personally believe that people are looking for an escape from the office routine to a freedom digital lifestyle of working from a laptop, at any location or place they please as long as they have a wifi connection. Believe it or not, this is actually a reality today... I know because I am living it!

Allow me to share my story.

I am in my mid-fifties and have no Employment pensions coming in at all. I have been an entrepreneur in the small business arena, for the last 20+ years and have been blessed to have had a generated a decent income in most cases. I started three Companies and two were successful and the other, not so much. I have also enjoyed being a business consultant and personal development mentor and coach. All that being said; I made a decision to look for a legitimate business opportunity that would provide a steady income for my retirement years. I also wanted the work freedom that allowed me to work digitally from anywhere. 

This meant a 'portable office' or laptop lifestyle. Where ever I had a wifi connection and power outlet, I could conduct my business. I also came to the conclusion I needed to 'leverage' my time and efforts to not only gain an instant return but also generate long term residual earnings on a consistent basis. In most of my business life, I traded my time and expertise for money or income. This was not acceptable to me anymore.

It all started with doing some research and leaning on my past business experience. As you could probably imagine, it was a bit overwhelming to begin with. There were allot of so called 'opportunities' out there but I quickly eliminated the quick income ones for proven, duplicatable system. I chose the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) program.

Once I found the right fit, I realized that I needed to take action and plan for my future immediately. At my age, it was crucial that I had the flexibility to work when I wanted and at any location including someplace warm with palm trees! I invested in the training and dug in. Extensive training video library and live training every week accelerated my business knowledge and confidence. SFM also has a great 'community' of like-minded business people who personally go out of their way to help. This alone has helped me tremendously and affirmed I had made the right decision. 

Speaking from a professional business background, I can honestly say that I can see the direction of where this digital business lifestyle is going and I am setting new goals for the future. There is absolutely no concern on my part about not having an employment pension to fall back on. I look forward to exploiting my 'laptop life' into the future. 

For more information on my new business journey or to talk to me personally, please visit my personal blog where I share more about the adventure. 

To your successful future,

Larry J Clark

Online Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Business Coach

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