Understand Yourself...And Everything Changes!

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We all want the “easy button” when it comes to life… We tend to think there’s a “trick” or “secret” to success. People constantly wonder...“How did they do it? What’s the secret?”

I can’t tell you just how many times I asked these very questions along the course of my journey…It took me years and years of failure before it finally sank in, but once it did, things changed…

During those years, I thought success would come as a result of something outside of me through an opportunity, a system or authority. And then, one day I actually heard what one of my mentors said...

He said, “If you want your life to be how you imagine it to be, then you have to become that person who is living that life.”

Wow! I mean, It wasn’t as if I hadn't heard it before.But this time something inside me got it. I needed to become the person that was living my dream lifestyle... Me! Not Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Or Elon Musk…but Me!

This was big! Really big.

In order to become the person I imagined living the life I loved, doing things I loved with people I loved, I needed to be crystal clear with WHO that person was inside me!

Essentially, I needed to transform, and evolve into that person that lived the life I wanted.

How does he feel about himself? Is he content? Is he at ease within himself? How does he see people? the world? What does he believe about money? Relationships? Success? Is he comfortable being  Abundant? Loved? What beliefs does he believe about himeslf and the world?

When I envisioned myself living the life I wanted, with people I loved, doing what I love I felt different to how I currently was. I felt happy, content, excited, passionate, alive!

There was a clear distinction between the current “Me” and the “Me” that was living the dream lifestyle. The current “Me” felt alone, disconnected and unworthy, isolated from the rest of the world. How could the current “Me” possibly live the future’s “Me” lifestyle, holding these feelings and thoughts?

It couldn’t. It was impossible. I couldn't hold onto one type of feeling and expect a different result! It was delusional! A complete self-lie…I needed to change…I needed to upgrade the current internal program that ran in my head, to one that reflected the person who was happy, worthy, loving his life and living his dream!


Successful people don't just happen. They work tirelessly on themselves. Constantly uncovering, discovering who they are, adjusting through failures along the way. They seek help, advice, and are willing to let go of anything and everything that does not serve them or the world allowing something new to emerge within them.

We don’t see everything we hold onto and more often than not, these very things are the cause for our stagnation, doubt, and misery.

Creating a mediocre life of survival doesn’t make us sing, it makes us sad and resentful.

I read book after book on self-development and success. Studied habits of highly successful people, and did just about every workshop on the planet. I listened to the analogy of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. I wanted to be the butterfly so bad!

“My” aha! Was that My focus was outside of me!

Emulating someone else’s idea of success. Trying to copy them! Be them! Rather than getting to know me! Very Subtle….Very very subtle, but very powerful!

You see all along I discounted myself. I wanted to change so much, that I completely abandoned the current “Me”. It was just too painful. The current “Me” just wanted to escape and run! Run away from the pain, anxiety, and misery that daunted me constantly!

My constant focus was to stay away from the Pain at all costs. And guess what I got in return? Pain! My focus was centred around pain, so Life simply gave me what I wanted. Pain!

I lacked acknowledgment and acceptance for where I was. Who I was. My focus was on running and not on how I wanted my life to be. I was so determined to extract and remove the Pain inside me that I unconsciously gave away my Power to Everyone else. Speakers, gurus, experts, constantly aligning my idea of happiness and success with theirs. Their life became my vision. Their dream became my dream.

The problem was though. It wasn’t "Mine." It wasn’t "Me…"


I believe there are Dreams inside all of us and that they vary in shape and size. I believe we have them because Something inside us knows exactly what it wants, and through these dreams sparks us to new, levels of "Us." 

There’s a "You" now. And there's a "You" that wants to emerge. They are both here and now.  All that separates them is our focus and our will toward which one we choose.

It’s not easy. There are a lot of things we have to let go of. A lot of emotions to get through. A lot of deep core unconscious beliefs to resolve…

But when you do…..

Everything changes!

- Sotir Ivanovski


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