Visualisation Rules!

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Everything we do and say, is visualised beforehand. Believe it?

Studies have strongly suggested this. And a lot of it comes from the sub-conscious mind.

I guess from my experiences it rings-true. Many times since learning and understanding the power of visualisation over the years, I have reflected back on what I’d just said or did, and came to the conclusion that there is a lot, I mean a lot, of thruth in it.

I’m a professional golf coach, and past PGA Tour player. In my development over the years through different age groups, academies and teams, we are taught some of the basic concepts behind visualisation and how it can enhance a persons performance in any given activity.

So for me and my golf, I would learn relaxation techniques and visualisation. My imagination would take me to places of great heights, with practise and control of course, and the resulting feeling during some of those sessions was an amazing feeling of reality. I could make it come alive and emotional. Listening, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, are all included in the process to make it a reality.

The feeling of winning a golf tournament, and lifting the winners trophy is emotionally intense, amazing. So much so you want it to be real and never stop.

But it does stop, when you open your eyes. That’s when you say to yourself “Damn, I really want this to be reality!”, “I really want to feel the feeling of what others feel when they win something or perform really well.”

It’s what ends up driving me to practise harder and more often, chasing my goals. I wanted to experience it and be that person…and eventually I did!

I won many tournaments as an amateur and then some as a professional. My coach often asked me to visualise the golf course I would be playing, and seeing myself playing the golf courses well. Even being presented the trophy and lifting it up!

I can without a doubt, without a word of a lie, tell you that practising visualisation played a huge part in helping me perform to a high standard and doing well.

You too can achieve greater outcomes by practising your visualisation. Whether it’s on your own in a quiet place like your bedroom or out in the middle of a field, or practising it during your physical sessions, practise making your visuals as clear and real as possible. You’ll need to focus hard to maintain control of that desired picture, it’s easy to stray and start thinking of other thing in your life or whatever. You need to be in a conscious state to start off with to get the clarity.

So it takes practise to improve, but you can learn to control your thoughts brilliantly. Use it for your sport, your family, your desired lifestyle, and especially your business.

The mind and body are an amazing technically intertwinned system. A system that if trained and controlled, will present you with many possibilties and rewards!

I trust this has opened your mind to all the possibilities, if you put your mind to it!

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