Wanting to replace your boss with a laptop business?

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This post may get you thinking, as so many of us can replace our boss with creating an online business. It's up to you if you want to read more, I'll be giving you insights how my partner and I was able to create a better life by creating an online business through affiliate marketing to replace our jobs. The best part is we organise our work schedule and love every moment of it.

Wanting to replace your boss with a laptop business?

Why did we choose affiliate marketing as our structure?

The reasons were simple as we found two tremendous mentors which created a fantastic online educational programme which taught us everything we needed to know. Also made some incredible friends through the community.
Now you might be thinking this would take me years to study while working and looking after the kids (or whilst finishing your favourite series on Netflix)

Okay, you have to work hard to set yourself up but working at a job where you are waking up every morning feeling uninspired and looking at that clock thinking it's going backwards, doesn't sound any more fun or exciting. Just think to yourself and say what do I want out of life?

Here are the ten things which this online education system helped us create the life we desired and helped us replace our boss with a laptop Business.

  1. Helped us discover our WHY in life
  2. Realising that you can start anything if you put your mind to it
  3. Become a king/Queen of time management
  4. Going to your current job with more energy, already knowing you had less sleep than usual!!
  5. Being grateful every day and believing in yourself
  6. Creating your official websites from scratch - with using WordPress for your site will shave days off setting up, as it now just takes just a few hours to set a website up. Also, step by step videos allowing you to learn fast and understand everything in depth but also being very time efficient. If you have no experience that's great because imagination is critical, believe in yourself : )
  7. Struggling to get to grips on how the social media platforms can generate you an income
  8. Improving your mindset while improving your mind to make money work for you
  9. Create likeminded people who help you along the way to make it a natural process - but remember Rome wasn't built in a day, dedication is needed throughout the process.
  10. The lessons and, the knowledge you are going to learn with help and improve your current state in mind you will be ready to start the day and want your days to slow right down.

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Here's one question we want to ask you?

Are you struggling to enjoy your life/job, do you not have the freedom and flexibility within your current workplace? Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones?

If you answer YES, then go ahead and click on one of the banners around the blog post! And we will see you on the other side!

Have a beautiful day


Jon & Rachael


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