What A Week


This past week I found my checking account in the red, Got a paycheck less than $200.00, had a bill show up that wasn't expected, as a matter of fact, I neglected t pay it last month due to surprises. And through it all, I held my head up high and trained my mind to concentrate on the good. What a week it was!

How To Handle A Bad Day, Week, or Just A Minute

This took weeks, and I'm still not perfect at it. I have trained my mind to look at the things I want out of life. Regardless of what's going on in my life. As an entrepreneur, I'm striving to become financially independent. Something I've tried to d for years. But I never succeeded at it because  was too busy looking at the negative things in my life. What A Week (The Relationship Playbook)

So, I had all this financial upheaval going on last week and I kept my attention on what I wanted out of life. Because, as it is explained to me, what is going on in your life is history. There is a vibration that holds all that you want out of life. And the way you got to it is by concentrating on it.  So, my account was in the red last week. I concentrated on the millions I plan on making in next year.

How Are Riches Attracted To You

Money is very shy. In order to get it you have to woo it into your life. The way you do that is by planning a way to attract into your life. You want to start a business online. Affiliation marketing is the best way to make money in my opinion. Come up with a plan to bring the cash in. Picture in your mind what needs to be done to get people into your business so they can attain their aspirations. You have to create ads for your business. As you do that, picture in your mind all the people who are going to do what you do. See the money flowing in, in abundance, beyond your expectations. Work with your Master Mind to ensure you are on the right track as your business grows. Be appreciative for every day, every episode whether it is a good experience, or bad. You grow the most and learn the most through the bad experiences. Be grateful for them. Long story short, plan your work, then work your plan. It doesn't work any other way.What A Week (Stephen Chukumba)

I'm still looking at things in my life that keep showing up in the mail box. I don't know how I am going to handle this stuff, but it doesn't matter anyway. I am looking at the people signing up in my business this month. I am looking at the money that is flowing into my account. My expectations are so high that this month things are popping for me and next year will be when I relax and take life for a ride.

How Does It Start

It all starts as a thought. Call it a wish. But wishes won't get you far. Call it a desire. A burning desire. I hope your desires keep you awake at night. That way you'll know that it is a worthwhile desire. Keep it on your mind every minute of every day. Picture the lifestyle you want to live. I don't know what your dreams are but, are you happy living the life you are living now? Are you satisfied with it? That is the real question to ask; "Am I satisfied with my life?" Because we can be happy living from paycheck to paycheck. But are you satisfied with that? What A Week (My Business)

That is a question only you an answer. Because a bad week can open your eyes to what you are made of. Train your mind to look at what you want out of life. Do not look at or pay attention to the bad, annoying things in your life. It just makes things worse. Picturing the things you desire from life will make this journey through life so much more enjoyable. None of this is to say; don't put out the fires in your life. Handle what needs to be handled. But focus on the lifestyle you desire to lead. It also starts from knowing what you don't want. It makes very clear what you do want from life. This blog was based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich.

This blog is dedicated to anyone who has that burning desire to get ahead in life.

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