What career is right for me?

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Are you really living the life you want?

Do you feel that you’re on track to unfold your true potential?

Can you honestly say that you are in control of your life and that you are happy & fulfilled?

Does your work bring you a sense of satisfaction and appreciation?

The chances are that you answered no to these questions because quite simply this is where the vast majority of people are today…

Stats tell us that over 65% of people are not happy with their work and career and that figure is rising! 

Let’s think about that for a minute…

The job is where most of us spend the best part of our week, the place we give the most energy and the one thing that dominates the main part of our lives!

Yet we’re not happy with our jobs!

Fortunately, this can all change…

Let me introduce myself – My name is Dan Gifford and I worked in the hospitality industry for many years. As my career progressed I was promoted through the ranks toward senior management level.
One thing I found was that as my responsibility increased my level of work enjoyment dropped! I can tell you that things have gotten much harder throughout the years in this industry, as I’m certain they have in many other industries too!

Each year targets go up while budgets for things such as payroll and necessary resources decrease. The thing is that once things have been cut down to the bare minimum where else can they trim off from? This is when bonuses get cut, certain positions are deemed unnecessary and the workload increases for those who are left…

what career is right for me

I found myself facing this startling realization last year and I just knew, with absolute certainty, that I simply HAD to find an alternative…

I began asking myself questions like what job is best for me and what career should I have...

I had resisted the whole online business thing for many years, mainly due to skepticism and a misunderstanding of the real potential that working for myself online presented.
Honestly, I was also a little afraid of the work involved in learning what was then, a new and unknown world. Of course, I understood the basics and I was very proficient at using Facebook, and my eBay purchasing skills were at the level of mastery!

But the thought of getting to grips with creating a successful online business was actually quite daunting…

However I now truly believe with all my heart that creating our own online business IS the key to gaining our freedom and living the lives we truly want…

Imagine the enjoyment, freedom, and creativity you’d experience if you didn’t have to work a regular job

But instead earned a very good income on your own terms

You really could achieve all your dreams!


what career is right for me


I feel very fortunate to have found an awesome online community who offered me immense support and training and took me from where I was showing me how to get up and running within a couple of weeks!

They continue to provide me with ongoing genuine help, advice, and mentorship from some of the most successful digital entrepreneurs in the world!

I can now say with absolute certainty that I am on the right track! I have found the best career for me and a way for me to create the life I have always wanted.

A life that gives me:

The time, freedom and money to really enjoy the things I love

A business that I can run from my laptop wherever I am

A chance to help others and create a better world

The opportunity for me to unfold more and more of my potential

A way for me to create a life of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction

what career is right for me

These are the facts...

By 2020 4.2 BILLION people will be using the internet daily…

That’s OVER HALF of the world’s population!


It’s time to get on board with your OWN BUSINESS…

And this business can be so many things –  did you know that millions of people worldwide are making an excellent living simply by writing blogs (articles) and using them to provide worthy services fellow human beings.

This is just one example…

Once YOU discover YOUR OWN ONLINE VOICE and find a way to bring it to the world, you’ll begin adding value to others while providing for yourself and your family – and live the life you always wanted…


If you have come to a junction in your life and you honestly feel that you need to make a change but are not sure which way to turn –

Or maybe you find yourself asking the question what career is right for me or what job would I be good at...

Click on the link below and open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities…

I have been a member of this awesome online community for a while now and I can honestly say that the material, support and true value they offer is unparalleled with anything else I myself could find…
Here is a company that genuinely wants you to succeed, to teach you all that they know and to offer you access to some of the best training and resources available online today.

They do this because their own ethos is one which is truly based on the desire and intent to create a better world, by helping and inspiring others to free themselves of their ‘duties’ and enforced responsibilities and teaching them the tools which they can use to create a life of freedom, in every area!

If you have been wanting to find out more about how setting yourself up online could change your life, how having your own business that you can run from your laptop worldwide could work for you, but you are unsure where to start and perhaps have some confusion around the matter, then why not click on the link and set up your FREE ACCOUNT for your.

Foolproof Step By Step Online Business Training.

Introducing you to this new vista of opportunities…


Whether you are looking for something to take on full-time or to build alongside your current job until you feel you can ‘retire’. The internet is there to fit around you!

By joining, will enter into a community where you will be supported and guided from day 1 throughout your learning and will be offered everything you need to starting and building your own successful online business.

My purpose is in helping and inspiring others to live the life of their dreams!

Do you want to improve your life in any area?

Relationships – work – health – prosperity – happiness?

We are all capable of so much more than we currently allow ourselves to achieve… Our potential really is unlimited! The only things holding us back are our own limiting beliefs and a misunderstanding and forgetfulness of who we truly are. You know deep in your heart that there is a better life waiting for you – its there just hoping that you’ll make the decision and commitment to go after it and embrace the life you really want!

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action” – Tony Robbins.

Too many people go through life without ever stepping up and taking action on their dreams.
You have so much potential and possibility within you just waiting for your decision to commit to making it a reality…

We are not here to get by, to live in stress and struggle, to fight for a meager life of ‘just enough’.
We are here to excel and to become the very best that we can be!

This we owe to ourselves, and to the rest of the world…

Life needs you to realize your own potential so that we can all create a better world!

Move from the known to the unknown, and you will step into a world of new possibilities…

Free yourself from the duties and obligations which hold you back!

Create a new way to live in freedom…

The future starts with you!

Click here to create your FREE ACCOUNT and follow the step by step training which will show you how to create your own online business – even if you have no idea where to start!

My name is Dan Gifford and I am the founder of Business Training Online – My purpose and passion in life are to live in a way that promotes freedom and self-expression for everyone! While enjoying increasing happiness, health, wealth prosperity, and success! I am here to lead and inspire YOU to break free from your limitations and then design your own life exactly how you want it and live as you were truly meant too…


Dan Gifford
Online Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO at businesstraining.online