What Helped Me With My Mindset.

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For a great part I lived my life not focusing on who I am. My focus was on how others saw me. Meaning, I had no voice of my own. This led to some embarrassing moments as well as pleasant surprises. During this time I randomly went about accepting whatever I came across in life. I was never thought to question anything, which made me quite naive and seeing good in everyone and everything.

I was told many times that I should open my eyes. I guess I was not ready or the time was not right. When you live life this way the people you meet naturally open up themselves and show their real colors. As I look back I must say that during that period I learned the most about people and myself.
It was not until I started seeing relations to the Earth, the Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy and comparing that to molecules, atoms, protons and photons that I began to become aware of who I really am. Then I started doing research online. Much of what I found was in the least to say shocking but resonated at the deeper levels within me. I at once visited the library again and began to self educate myself.

I began to see that everything I think, do, say, is directly affecting my surroundings and future. Since then I began to live my life seeing myself as a participator and focusing on my intent. Now with this awareness I could steer my life in the direction that I would like to go. Knowing that we are a part of a greater whole brings the responsibility of taking action.

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