What is Holding You Back?

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There is always the question about what do you want to be when you grow up. Some of us grow up saying that we want to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. But in reality, when we go to school for some of those professions and get a degree it is always one of two things time & money. In terms of time we have all of it in the world but when it comes to looking for a job the resources can be limited, and when it comes to money we could get paid a lot of it but at the same time, our jobs can hold us back from having the time we need. 

Don't be complacent & comfortable if you want to live the life you want 

The limits of our quick effective thinking can change on whether we want to conform to the way society treats us or decide who God made us to be and live out our true potential.

Most of us including me, have been taught that at a young age that we must go to school, pay attention in class, get good grades, have a good job, and then will live out the American dream. As you may know that I already have my degree in Information Technology but the reality is I haven't found the job the I wanted. I had been searching online for a place where I could hone my skills in at school for about 4 years where I learned how to web design. 

Unfortunately, this does not turn out well for me and I found myself doing door to door sales which I truly dreaded as a job. Not only that I had to work for this company so I could provide for myself and for my family I ended up paying for a ticket for solicitation which made me so angry. 

I had been fed up working at that job cause it was not a good environment to work in, we did not have a license to make sure that we had been certified contractors and my manager was so arrogant and did not care about me or the other contractors. 

Make a decision about your life and stick to that

Having been frustrated at the job that I had been working for, I needed a real change in my life and decide what the hell I was going to do with it.  

I had been searching for something that could help provide income to support my family but I did not know where to turn to. I had been looking to do network marketing but it never really fit who I was and I had been searching for more jobs on indeed.com but no ever called me. 

It didn't take long when I ran into affiliate marketing that I began to find my voice. I found people who were just like me dedicated to working with me to get the results to do the things I was very passionate about. Today I enjoy doing what I am passionate about and help people to realize their true potential. undefined

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