What is your purpose of life?


What do you want to become?
Do you ever feel lost wondering what your purpose of life is? What would your dream life look like, if there were no limitations or obstacles in the way? Where would you be and what would you do? Are you the best person you can be? Do you want to feel more inspired and do something meaningful? Big questions but so important to reflect on.

Who are you surronded by?
It is said that "You are the average of the five persons you spend the most time with". Think about that. Who are the five persons in your life that you spend the most time with? How do they make you feel? Do these persons inspire you, make you feel happy, develop and push you in the directions you want to go? Will they make you successful?

It is not a matter of picking new friends, losing and choosing. But try to be honest with yourself and think about who you are surrounded and influenced by. What impact do they have on you? Don´t be afraid to keep your eyes open for new persons and relations that will help you focus in the right directions of becoming a better you.

Treat yourself nice
How often do you say negative things about yourself? Push yourself down. Think that everybody else is much better than you are. You find it easy to see everything good in everybody else but yourself. Try to stop this bad habit and treat yourself nice instead. Think about yourself as your best friend. How would you treat your best friend? You would most likely act respectful and supportive, say positive things to make that person grow and feel happy and inspired. Always give subsdtantial suggestions in a loyal and honest way. Do this to yourself and you will find a new friendship. Also remember to be forgiving. Learn from your experiences and give your friendship the opportunity to grow. 

Think positive
Is the glass half empty or half full? Do you tend to see things in a negative way? Do you often complain about things and people around you? Try to turn this around and think positive. It makes such a difference both for yourself and your surroundings. There is always something good in everything and everybody. Things from the past or issues where you have no control, just drop it. It is not worth spending energy on. Focus on the things you can control, what is important and what you can do to make a difference in your own life and to help others become a better person.

Not only your facial muscles will thank you but everybody around you will smile with you. Smiles are contagious. You feel good, you look good and there is always a reason to smile. 

I can do it
When did you say yes to something new that you have never tried before? Or when did you last have the guts to do something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable? Our subconscious mind tells us to avoid and say no to unknown situations that we can´t relate to. That is how we all work. The first reaction is to feel frightened, nervous and discomfort in situations we have never been in before. But how come some people put themselves in these situations all the time without any fear? It is simple. We need to tell our subconscious mind that "I can do it"! There are no limits. The limits are made up in our subconscious mind telling us to handle situations like we have always done. Change that pattern. With small steps we can make a huge difference to our subconscious mind and it will soon start to act in the way where there are no limitations. Tell yourself "I can do it", and you will be surprised over the outcome.

Time for a change
We all need to reflect, change and upgrade ourselves to become the best we can be. We have one life and we need to take care of it and make the most of it. It is ecxiting thoughts that we can all become whatever we want to. And it is true. I have started my journey with SFM and I just want to share with the world what I am experiencing. It is a great community supporting you with the tools, training and resources to help you succeed in the online arena. Why serve a business until retirement when you can learn to create a business that serves you.

Are you looking for a change? To make a difference? Want more time for your interests, family and friends? Perhaps you have thought about starting your own business. You don´t need to know anything about technology or marketing. The education teaches you everything about that.
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And honestly, it´s probably time to invest in yourself. 

I am really excited to hear from you and what your thoughts are, so please drop me a line when you get a chance.

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