What next? The Choice is Mine and Yours too. The life you have is the sum total of your choices

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Someone once said life can be defined in one word "choices" if you ask me who said that I would honestly draw a blank. Having said that and put it out of the way I will tell you how it applies to me and you.

I have some experience with the statements I borrowed above, with three failed businesses, a new marriage, unemployment I think I deserve some sort of recommendation to talk about this topic. It is only fair seeing as life does deal us a bad hand sometimes. I have failed hard and recovered and I am still failing but I have learned so much.

What is a choice? simply put, a choice is a mental capacity to select what to do over a number of choices once presented with a particular situation. Before choices come there are questions that bombard your conscience.

Some of these questions include but are not limited to:

  • Am I where I am supposed to be?
  • Am I doing my best at this?
  • Am I hitting my full potential?
  • What is my lifetime vision, where do I go from here?

The question I would like to talk to you about today is this: "What next?".

This question, in particular, is a good buzz killer. Have you ever been celebrating your graduation, wedding, promotion or even finally hit that milestone and instead of enjoying the moment you are busy wondering what next? I have!

When I finally graduated my Bachelors in computer science from a good University on government sponsorship I was excited everyone was there to cheer me on. I enjoyed my few moments of fame until I begun to think to myself. What next?

The most recent one of these instances being when I finally got a job (this is 5- 6 years) later. I am now able to pay rent, feel like a provider, hang out with my comrades, marry still this question knocks at my door early morning looking to engage me. 

Sometimes I think I am too ambitious or I don't get satisfied easily maybe I am not alone.

How to think through this persistent question:

  1. Recognize and admit the urgency in the apparent dissatisfaction of your state: by the time these kinds of questions arise its because on a subconscious level you know you can do more. This is apparent in your dissatisfaction with your current state.
  2. Figure out exactly what part of your state you are not happy with: for some, it could be your results in school, on a job for others it could be your current financial state. You know you can do better. I am passionate about machine learning and occasionally I deploy algorithms which are measured by percentage, when I hit a certain percentage I test to see if it's by my standards, if I have done my best. If not I find out more on what I did not do right, what can I make better and take those steps I find what parts of the process I am not a par with and change them.
  3. Find the dimension of your current state to get a bigger picture: so you are a sales manager is that all there is to this career path. Find out what more you can do that resonates with your being, maybe the topmost you can hit in that path is CEO but is that all you can be? Are you set up for a career or business? How does where you are fit in the larger plan of your vision?
  4. Compete with the man/woman in the mirror: if there is one thing I have learned is I can't compare my aspirations with those of someone else. We are two different people walking different paths. In order to compare we would need to be standing on the same road in order to know who is ahead so, what Mr. X and Mr. Y have done is none of your business. I had to be firm because that is what you need for yourself too. Measure your progress by your personal standards and values, my personal standard is 100%. If I do a test I target that, I target that in my marriage to be the best ME! If I am any less then I have a meeting with myself to sort some things out.
  5. Define who you are: who are you? I know who I am. I am a passionate guy who loves computers, specifically disruptive technology, I love vanilla ice cream, I don't like chocolate at all, I stand for integrity, hard work, commitment, persistence, equality, fairness and more. I am not a singer but I love to play the piano. Knowing all these things helps me say no to some things because I know who I am. Who are you?

All the above are great words of wisdom I wish someone had told me years ago. Honestly, two failed businesses and a debt of over 3000$ is not what I would call a walk of wisdom.

All the above will hold into place with this last point that holds all as glue:

6. Find accountability/Mentors:

Who is a mentor and what is accountability? A mentor is someone who lends you a helping hand towards a goal you are aspiring to reach, this mentor should have obtained this goal themselves because they play a crucial role in showing you the direction to get to your destination. Mentors help to keep you accountable to your goals, they are selfless beings whose sole purpose is to help you reach this goal, they help you keep focus by checking if you are on the right path from time to time.

These people are very important if you want to succeed with minimal mistakes. They have made the mistake and will quickly let you know if you are going off the path to your desired goal. 


I have seen the great flaw in thinking I can walk this path to freedom alone  Right now my biggest question is towards financial independence. Is this all I am able to do or there is more I can leverage in order to get financial freedom? I have tried to establish my own business and realized, the mistakes I made have already been made by other people whom if I had their hand in directing me I would have jumped a lot of hurdles.

I have found mentors and a community to walk with here. Feel free to check them out if you're in a place where financial freedom is your question. How do I earn more, what else can I do to obtain my dream life? Is there such a thing as financial freedom? What does it look like and how do I get there? What are my options? Where do I start?

Please feel free to share this article on your social media, comment below. Meet my mentors.

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