What's Your Definition of SUCCESS?

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The definition of success is the attainment of riches, favour, or eminence, but success changes from person to person.






Some people aim to become millionaires in their life

some people are content with owning a house and working from 9-5


Some people dream of travelling once a year


and some people wish to make travelling their business

There’s a particular story of success that comes to mind. It’s a story of a man named Hernan Cortes.

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish conqueror that sailed to Mexico in the hopes of taking over. Once he arrived at the beach, Cortes realized he was greatly outnumbered. Although he was outnumbered, he wouldn’t let that get in the way of his success. He instructed his men to burn all the ships! His men realizing they had no form of retreat they had no choice but to fight and win. After a tumultuous battle Cortes encaptured the city of Veracruz. Failure was not a choice for cortes. Burning his ships was the foundation to his success.

I define success as being able to live free of financial restraints. I want to be able to travel whenever I want, wherever I want.

To be able to eat at expensive restaurants and not worry about the bill. I want to drive

expensive cars and own expensive property.

undefinedBut, above all these things I hope for

greater things for the people that are

close to me. Never in my life did i care

much about whether I had expensive

clothes or expensive cars (I would like

to but who wouldn’t!). My success is

based around the people around me, my family and friends are the centre for my motivation.

I want them to have the chance to get out of financial restraints.

I work hard to see how I can bring them along on a simpler lifestyle.

A lifestyle where you don’t stress if you’re going to have enough food on the table.

A lifestyle where banks don’t call for overdraft fees but instead call to upgrade your credit cards. I’ve spent my time wondering : “How can I help them? How can I make things easier for them?”

So, what is holding you back from success ? Ask yourself: What is one reason why you

shouldn’t be successful? What’s holding you back from getting everything you deserve?undefined

Sometimes we have to burn our ships to get what we want.

Success is there waiting for us to take it so I ask again, What’s holding you back?

By Belgie Nunez

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