What Stops Us From Obtaining Our Dreams and Goals?

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Article by Ross Allen

I feel there is often a blurred line in people’s minds when distinguishing the difference between comfortability and complacency. What is it that really stops you and others around you separating where you are now, from where you want to go? Life creates opportunities as quick as it presents roadblocks, and our ability to cross hurdles or even the desire to can weaken. 


(As funny as it looks... one of these pictures is MUCH more likely to happen... Guess which one.)

What does it actually take to lead and live a comfortable life that you want??

-          Realization of who you really are

-          Realization of where you are in life

-          Complete honesty with whether or not you are happy where you are.

-          Visualization of where you want to go

-          Finding the most simple and immediate step to start changing where you are

-          Consistency of Action

These are not the only steps certainly to enriching your life, but are definitely some of the most basic.

My name is Ross Allen and I am a writer, actor and musician. I don’t say or credit who I am based off of the amount of success that I’ve had, who may or may not like my work or who knows me. I credit my life and my work to one simple fact; I am actively working towards my life goals DAILY!!

Many, in fact most have heard the saying in the work-world, “You are only as good as the last thing you did.” That doesn’t apply to the accreditation of your last accomplishment, but rather the fact that the last thing you did is testament to you actively improving.

In this new and booming Digital Age, the world and its economy are quickly changing. The call to action for millions of people is riper than ever, with nearly infinite ways to expand your life. Quite frankly, you might be okay with being complacent, but the world around you is NOT!! Everyone is unique from different walks of life, but thankfully we all can respond the same desire to act NOW and change our lives for the better! (For a great way to inspire action in your life for change, click this link here)

The world is changing faster in our lifetime, than ever in history. So take the opportunity to embrace it by EMBRACING YOU!!

There are many fantastic ways to get inspired and informed on how to start changing your life to the one you’ve always dreamed of. I found my way here.

All the best with becoming the best of who you are!

Ross Allen


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