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What is laying ahead for you in the new year must be on your mind right now at this moment of the year. The following extraction from Abraham Hicks material shines a light on what can be expected.


“It is done, it is done.”

How do things materialise in your reality? Everything that exists previously was a thought. Things are vibrationally done before it is turned into reality for senses to perceive. You realise them into being and then you experience it with your physical senses. Your current experience or what you perceive is a result of what you have created in your past. There are no resources plucked from other places. It all comes from your interaction with others to conclusions what we prefer. Those preferences are a vibration that gradually manifest itself into our realisation.

If your belief is that you are not in control of your life, then you also have to belief that you do not have free-will and every experience is caused by external events or pure luck. But have your actions or words not impacted any person before? You would have experienced in every relationship that words do have consequences.Think of what you were told when you were a child by your parents, your teachers or other children. Think about how the words your boss said that affected you or the specific things that your partner said that turned that switch on or off. It is clear therefore that your actions definitely has an impact in the world. How deep that impact is, is beyond the purpose of this article and many books have been written about it.  


There is a gap between our desires and our beliefs of what we can achieve.

Many attempt to bridge that gap with looking back. The effect of that is creating more of what you currently have or what you currently experience. Looking back is a means to justify where you currently are and that creates a deadlock preventing the energy flow of renewal. Master the energy flow between your desire and your beliefs. Emotion is the indicator of energy that let you know about the vibration within you. Do not cover up your emotions with words and actions. Recognise the feeling and then ask yourself how can I feel better right now, right here.  


What am I creating ?

Your creation depends on a number of things.  Let's highlight 3.

1. Being in the moment
Satisfaction is enjoying something at its fullest right here, right now. Your current moment creates your future experience. What are you doing with that energy right now?

2. Cross the bridge
Feelings like love, appreciation and gratitude cannot be described in words, many has tried to, that is the reason for so many books on the subject of love. Words just cannot match up to it. Realise the perfection of your feelings and emotion and act upon it. Master the energy between your desire and your belief and know it is already done. Soften the urge to understand where it all comes from.

3. Expect the result that you want in 2018
You are this powerful creator, that is bridging the gap from your desires to your believes. Be nice to yourself, soothe yourself into your realisation of knowing that everything you want has already being created. Soothe yourself into the vitality of your body. The bigger the problem, the bigger the solution and the greater the satisfaction when you act on it.


What to expect in 2018

Opportunities will come, be in the right vibration to recognise those and then act upon it.

If you want change. Make one small change each day. Something simple like changing your route to work, change the colour of your pen, change your lunch hour. All the small changes build momentum that prepares you for the BIG events.

If you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life. Hold that vibration, hold that thought and the knowing that you are a powerful creator, share your experience and journey with the world, to create even more for the well-being of all.

Cross that bridge of desire to belief in 2018.

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