When Life Kicks You All Over Town

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It has been experienced that since we were children, cares press us down. We become a touch stressed and we wonder if the effort si worth it. So, we go back and give it another try only to have things go farther south. but when life is at its darkest, when life kicks you all over town, that is when we must not quit.

What Do We Do When Life Kicks

Life is at times totally unfair. No matter what we do, things go more and more into the dark abyss until we believe there is no return. A bit over dramatic, but you get my point.

Well, fortunately, nothing is permanent. And even more so, we are inteligent humans who can think for ourselves. Even better, we have control over our thoughts. Through that control, we can create our lives and circumstances. 

I have heard this I don't know how many times for the past few decades. I never believed it until recently. The part nobody mentions is that controling your thoughts is not necessarily an easy task. It takes a huge amount of discipline (depending on the situation you are going through). But the more aberated things go, the more discipline it takes. 

Not too long ago, I started a new job in a warehouse. Working warehouses is something I have been involved in since the 1970s. I got out of it for about six years and thought I could pick up from where I left off. 

Nothing was farther from the truth. I was a total clod for two days. Could not do anything right. But after a weekend off and doing a lot of meditating and other mental exercises, I was back. 

When I got back on Monday, I had better control of my thoughts. Work went smoother and I got more done. I didn't have to clean up after myself every hour. And on those frost two days I thought life was kicking me all over town. 

How Can You Apply This

I give this advice to those who are putting a business together, or to you who already have one up and running. If possible, get away from the scene you are in if things have gone awry. Pre-occupy your mind on something pleasent. It's almost meditating in public. Just not that deep. Tell yourself a story that will entertain you to the degree that it will take your mind off the moment that was upsetting you. When you feel lighter, go back and resume what you were doing. Just take it easy. And moree important, be weasy on yourself. You are human. You are allowed to make mistakes.

When Bad Thoughts Enter

If you are working on self improvement, and who isn't, you may on occasion have an unwanted thought enter your mind. Ignore it and bring up thoughts that are more appealing and serving to you. 

I emphisize "thoughts" because it would be wise to drown out the negetive thought with more than one countering positive thought. 

The Beauty of Being Kicked All Over Town

You have to admit, getting your butt kicked all over town by life and coming back figuring it out and patting yourself on the back for a job well done is the greatest feeling in the world. 

You look back at where you came from and look at where you are after the fact and you will never feel more proud of your self. And the worse the situation was the more accomplished you will feel kicking life back. 

Appreciate the battles in life. It is where you learn the most about yourself and grow the most.

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