When survival is no longer enough

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Everyone has a survival story. The longer you are on this Planet - the longer your story I guess.

This one is neither greater than, nor longer than most.

I survived the death of my mom. As a practicing Buddhist at the time, the teachings of impermanence and non-attachment were impossible to hear. I know that too many of you reading or sharing this, know well where that pain resides and how hard it is simply to breathe. How surreal it is that the world just carries on when someone you love, dies.  All things bright and beautiful? Not always. There are times in this life when even the enthusiasm of Tony Robbins is just too loud. Just sometimes.


And then, at around the time that I was diagnosed with cancer, I was advised by my Medical Insurance Company, that my condition was pre-diagnosed and I was therefore not covered. I didn't think that I would actually shuffle off this mortal coil from this illness but I was pretty sure that the chemo would give it a good go. I was, however, totally convinced that the South African public health system would be my demise... You tell any South African that they have to be treated at Addington Hospital and watch their eyes glaze over. I fought like a girl and I survived.

And finally, as my bones get older, staircases seem longer. I have been known, on the odd occasion, to grunt when I either sit down or stand up. What felt like Freedom, is ever increasingly replaced by a gnawing sense of entrapment. 

I have heard Small Business owners refer to themselves as being in prison - with open doors. 


I considered the fact that I had survived being a sole proprietor for so many years a huge achievement. I have owned/managed my Food Fanatix Portfolio of Hospitality based businesses for the last 20 years. This is an Industry that demands passion & whole heap of energy. Taking your foot off the gas for a second is not an option. undefined

20 years of THIS GOOD


* Surviving the death of my mother wasn't enough unless I could find a way to stand up and do what it takes to carry on and give back to others. I know grief and can stand with you - in yours and hold that space with grace.

* Surviving cancer was not enough. What mattered more was ultimately the choices I made around how I continue to live my life going forward.

* Surviving as a sole proprietor is no longer enough. I need to thrive. I need to reduce my stress levels and I need Financial Freedom. And I need it NOW.

I have found a new path....


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