What is your next milestone in the next 3 months?

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I have heard it said that if you are not growing you are dying. I won't say for sure how true that is but I suppose it is easy to deduce because nature can prove it. Have you ever planted a seed and waited for days, years and decades if possible for the seed to germinate?

Once the seed doesn't germinate, can we safely say it is enjoying the warmth or cozy soil that it refused to grow? Maybe? If you are in denial! The blatant truth is that the seed is dead. 

We as humans are different, we can be planted in a community of achievers, be fed the best material day in day out but fail to produce. When we do that we come up with a cloud of words to describe the situation so we won't feel bad about ourselves. 

We wake up to do the same things every day, running on autopilot and never growing but all the while staying in the same place and we debate rights for such freedoms. We condone mediocre thinking and debate legalities on what legal boundaries we can have them comfortably in. In short, we are afraid to say we are dead!

Don't take this personally but one day you will find it very funny like I do right now. I have written an article on things leaders should do every day. Honestly, it is sad that people are not even thinking of jumping out of the plate of fire which they are standing in. We tend to be comfortable when we get to that place where we are accustomed to the routines of each day and won't dare to step out into the unknown. 

I have goals for myself in the next three months, to have attracted a certain amount of following online, to be able to make a certain figure of money or more through studying the online digital infrastructure. I am even thinking of relocating to another country when these dreams manifest finally and they will. it is scary because its a risk and I am investing resources every day to see to it that it comes to pass. 

Some days I feel like its a wild goose chase but I am revived on other days. In short, it is not easy to think outside the box.

Each day I ask myself a series of questions:

  1. Do I know all I need to know to get me closer to my goal?: if I find the answer is no, which it usually is, then I am receptive of other people's intentions to teach me. There are many people who have made it online. So if you don't know all there is to know, then you need to take a step and start somewhere.
  2. What can I do today to make things move towards my goal: I have been working towards making a list for myself for all the people that are potential clients. I do this through facebook ads some days the results are worse than others but my major intent is to learn to make it. I have been tweaking the ads today so as to receive some leads that I can then use in my business.
  3. Who can I contact to help me: there are communities that have people who are more than willing to step up and give a helping hand to others who are starting up. You can reach one of these communities if you click the banner below to get started.
  4. How can I be better? How can I think better?: the process of growth in business largely depends on how each of us as individuals think and are able to apply ourselves to growth mentally. I always ask myself a question in this intent. If today I couldn't solve this problem, how do I need to change my thinking so as to tackle possible effective results and learn from them?

The attitude of goal setting has its advantages also:

  1. It makes your decisions easy: your life becomes less complex because you know what to do and what not to do.
  2. Focus Improvement: your focus is improved because what you are doing becomes more intentional than whimsical. The things you do matter because they are geared towards some achievements.
  3. Growth: you are challenged whenever you want to move towards something. There are barriers you have to find a way to go around them. This is important for each human.

If this is a new way of thinking for you it's fine you can take simple steps to make a few achievable goals until you are ready to get to bigger vision setting capabilities. 

Thank you for reading.

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