Who is Proactive Person

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The human person is a reflective being with a capacity for self-knowledge and personal change, with self-awareness we can examine our paradigms or frames of reference about human nature. The human person is a self-aware being with a capacity to choose his or her answer to internal and external stimuli.

The proactive person makes use of freedom by breaking the chains of determinism, Financial Freedom. How a proactive person can have total freedom in business of his/her own, because being proactive means we are responsible for our own lives and whatever decisions taking today will tell in the future.

Proactive people are guided by principles and values, personal values are the conception of what an individual or a group regards as desirable. ... The principles of personal ethics are: Concern and respect for the autonomy of others. Honesty and the willingness to comply with the law. To be proactive means to take the initative, not to be aggressive because your personal initiative is your inner power that starts all action. It is the enemy of procrastination. It's the spark that initiatives your productive actions. Without personal initiative, you cannot be successful click here to learn more from some great mentors.

The proactive person is not at the mercy of the environment that is he does not at climate change before taking necessary action and when you are proactive your language change. When we are proactive, we concentrate our energies on what is within our control or at least within our sphere of influence and if we think that the problem is "outside'', this thought is the problem. We have to put the focus on what we "are", not on what we ''have".

Admitting and correcting mistakes and learning from them transforms failure into success. There are two immediate ways of taking control over lives:

  • to make a promise... and keep it;
  • to set a target... and strive to achieve it.  

The proactive muscles develop, not through extraordinary events, but through the ordinary activities of everyday life.

Proactive Language and Reactive Language


There is nothing I can do about it.

That is the way I am.

This drives me mad.

I can't help it.

I have to do this.

They will never accept it.

I would do it if ......(Conditional)

If only.......(wishful thinking)

Let us examine the alternatives.

I can choose a different perspective.

I control my feelings.

I can prepare a convincing presentation.

I choose...

I prefer to...

I will do it no matter what.

Let me see what I can do.

In conclusion, to be reactive is to be ready to react or respond to something else — as opposed to ready to act on one's own. A person who's reactive does things only in response to others. To react is to do something in response to something else. When someone pinches you, for example, you react, while proactive person never depend nor wait for any pre-response before acting, these actions are those that are done in anticipation on event that may happen. So, are you proactive or reactive, you can check it out by click here and discovered whom you are in taking necessary action.

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