2018 could be your best year: Start an Online Business

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Your best life is here: Commit to Make it happen

Welcome to 2018 and I will start by giving a toast, to say let's celebrate life and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you. This is my first blog ever; so if I have conquered my fears, you too can. I have never written a blog before but here I am, for the first time doing what I have never thought I could do. As you would have already figured out by now, you are a special person who has already been endowed with intrinsic gifts and tallents which are not to only benefit yourself but the whole world. Such tallents and gifts are not for yours to keep, add value to your world this 2018. By adding value and serving others, you yourself will be enriched and your best life will manifest effortlessly. Live it and the time is now.

You are not alone: I was also in the same situation

On a personal level, I was a risk averse introvert who couldn't even fathom the thought of speaking in front of people, let alone doing live recordings or making myself vulnerable by posting blogs online. However, 2017 was my breakthrough year when I joined the Six Figure Mentors through a YouTube Video from Tim Low who has become one of my mentors, together with Stuart Ross. 

After seeing Tim Low's Youtube video, I was inspired by it. The message resonated with what I wanted in life and also it reinforced what I was beginning to hate in my life, that is being stuck in a paid job. I wanted more freedom, spending more time with my family, more money and aspired to have a business which freed me to do other things that I enjoyed, such as travelling, volunteering, charity work and writing books. What I hated in my life was the over-reliance on a single salary, the 9-5 job where i was trading my time for money. To make matters worse it was a stressful career where I was putting in long hours but with no let off and a sense of how this was going to end.  


My reflective moment, decision and action

Upon reflection, I realised that I and my family deserved the best life and I felt this was a moment to do things differently, so I jumped on the SFM Programme without anyone cajoling me. It was a desperate moment for me and I wanted this. I knew very well that this was not a get rich quick scheme. I liked the model of the business which resonated with me so much in terms of the shared values, the integrity of the business, the flexibility and numerous opportunities associated with this business.

Beyond the euphoria

After the euphoria of joining in this business through training and mentoring online, I reverted back into the self sabotage mode which had been my default mode over the years whereby I gave myself excuses, procrastnating and wallowing in a self fulfilling stagnation prophecy. However, through the trainings, accountability, and support from like minded entrepreneurs and mindset workshops, I have grown as a digital and affiliate marketing entrepreneur. With what I have learnt, aside from the apparent financial and lifestyle benefits, I have become a better person with a well structured mentoring programme. I am earning while learning. As man thinks, so is he: have a winning mindset for 2018.

My friend, you deserve your best life. However, you must make it happen with no excuses, no pity party, no gullibility (assess this opportunity yourself) but waste no time (for time wait for no one).

Remember, 'Time is Time' , 'Money is Money'. Never trade your Time for Money in 2018. Do something different; Learn the skills to be a digital entrepreneur: JUST DO IT (as Nike would say)!

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