Why is Digital Revolution Important For Home Business

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In my boutique business over the years I have advertised in the Newspapers and on Radio. These board brush stroke mediums may or not reach my target market. I remember the old adage 50% of my advertising works but I do not know which 50%.

I preferred just continuing getting of word of mouth referrals from clients who were happy with my business. The digital disruption changed that suddenly profit margin eroded as economies of scale and lower cost structures came about. I needed to do more at a lower cost and I had to attract more clients.

  1. I was getting a bit apprehensive

  2. I was wondering whether I needed a change


I decided I needed a mindset change fears became courage and apprehension became intrigued . I embraced the change with open arms and decided that if I was going to automate I would do so with full knowledge of what I was doing!  My steps were to get my social media and website refreshed, develop more cloud platforms, collaborate and form alliances.

I needed something more. I needed solid research and inside knowledge from professionals who were in the trenches. I did not need information that was two years old!

I started to use these resources more and more. I learned about how I could spread my message far and wide and dominate the messages my laser targeted customers would receive from businesses. Rather than the scatter gun method of advertising I had used in the previously, I decided whom would be my target market and where the hung out (see earlier blogs).


Rather than hide this information this can be taught to you as well!

We can point you in the right direction so you won’t have to do it the hard way! Yes hard work may be required,! I do not think for one minute you shy away from hard work. Signup at http://tidyurl.com/dksignup to start you on your journey!

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