Top Tips on WHY most people never achieve their goals in life.

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The most common answer is most people are comfortable with the settled life. Are you?
You need to change the way of thing and be different. Be you because everyone else is taken, the bulk of people, settle for average, and if you don’t stay at the same level, there will be some conflict involved.

WHY Most people never achieve their goals in life, are you one?


Most people will start to become jealous of the fact that you have gone after your dreams and goals. It allows them to remember years ago when they where a child and less fear of moving out of the comfort zone and went after their dreams. 

Fear does play a massive impact on the reason for not chasing your dreams and goals in life.

4 Reasons why fear stops you from having them ideas

- You fear you are going to be left out of your social group. 
- I won't be successful.
- Fail is always running through my mind and it never goes away.
- The age I am, I need to have a real job, drive a nice car, get a house, I just can't take the risk.

Fear does play a big part in failing to achieve and proceed with your visions in life. However, the other reason may be. Is who you choose to surround yourself with because if they are living a settled life, are happy doing a dead-end job you then become easily lead and don't want to grow by going after your dreams.   

Make sure you are always growing even if your friends don't want to improve. Rather than heading down the pub for a beer and talk about the settled things in life, why not go on youtube or find someone who you inspire to be like or you admire their success, as they then may be able to guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals. 

Successful people are not greedy

Yes, there may be financially rich people who are made of money and have become very greedy but remember no one is perfect as there are people out there who are broke, who take advantage of others. Should we then expect that all broke people take advantage of others, should we judge them as well? 

Of course not. 

But in life, many people who have not acknowledged their dreams like to through there toys out the pram at those that have made it and assume they got fortunate and luck is on their side, or they walk over others to get where they need to be. No, Successful people will never give up on their dreams in life and make sure they don't make them too easy to accomplished.  

You ask the majority of successful people how they fulfilled their dream life, and I can guarantee you the story will be the same:
- Worked harder than the majority.
- They kept going when everyone else gives up.
- They fail forward and learn from there mistakes.
- They never lost focus on their vision.

Your Vision Is Within You

Top Tips on WHY most people never achieve their goals in life.

Sadly, the majority of people would rather complain and argue with there thoughts, than know that, you can control your thoughts.

Most people would instead pick up a beer than a book. 

Then they complain they are unmotivated career or complain they got hate there boss… but if they made the right choices in the beginning, they wouldn’t have to wash up their bad decisions later on.

Most people would instead enjoy and live life to the fullest and party every night and suffer later. Perhaps that's why most people aren't anywhere they want to be. Maybe that’s why most people live with regret.

What change? Find a mentor

Yes, that's right, find a mentor who could be a person or even a book, Learn from who inspires you and you model them to the max, learn everything, if you fail, pick up your things and go again. Decide what you want and don't stop until you master it.

Make a dedication to never give up on your vision, your dream life. Your LATER SELF is urging you to make that commitment.
Your future self is begging you to be DIFFERENT! Take a stand and believe.


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